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Office of International Programs

Norway - UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet- Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus

Program Dates:
Fall: mid-August to late December
Spring: early January to mid-June
Program Type: Semester at Partner University- Practicum Placement
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This program offers a unique practical field experience in Harstad, Norway. Applicants must be pursing a degree in social work or special education at MSU, as the practicum will be situated within the field of disability studies (i.e. working with individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities). This is a special program set up only for Minot State University students as special relationship between our departments. Students that participate must be mature, independent and confident.

The Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus (UiT), situated north of the Arctic Circle, has approximately 1,400 students enrolled. The institution was established in 1983 and offers a friendly and intimate atmosphere. There are two departments: Business Administration and Social Sciences, and Health and Social Work. Harstad is a modern city of 23,000 inhabitants characterized by a pleasant coastal climate, and ideally situated on a picturesque island surrounded by mountains and sea.

Program Features:

Location: Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus is located in the northern county of Trom on the biggest island of Norway –Hinnøya. Despite being located above the Arctic Circle, the climate is quite mild due to the passing Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean. Harstad also boast some beautiful displays of the northern lights.

Language: Your field experience, advisement and supervision will all be conducted in English. Norwegian is the official language of the country, but English is prominent as most Norwegians speak it fluently.

Program Type: Practicum Placement at a Direct Partnership Program. Tuition will be paid directly to Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus, and a single course fee of $50 will be paid to MSU. Students will also need to cover their own subsistence, housing, meals, study materials and other personal expenditures.

Areas of Study: This program is specifically offered to students pursuing a degree in social work or special education, as the practicum will be situated within the field of disability studies (i.e. working with individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities).
The practical experience at UiT will count for the following courses at MSU, according to your major.

Housing: The Student Service Organization (SiHa) offers several modern student apartments and rooms for international partner students, everything from single bedrooms with common living areas (hybel) to large family apartments. All apartments have free internet access and cable TV.

A student café is located on campus. Most often, students cook their own food in their residence.

Want to Learn More?

» Minot State students in Harstad: Molly

How to Apply

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester – February 15th
Spring Semester – September 15th

Application Procedure:

    • Step 1: Submit a completed MSU Study Abroad Application to the MSU Office of International Programs by the appropriate deadline.
      NOTE! A letter from the MSU departmental field placement coordinator showing approval of the student's participation in the program must be included with the application.
    • Step 2: Receive letter of acceptance to study abroad through MSU from the MSU Office of International Programs
    • Step 3: By the appropriate deadline, request the Arctic University of Norway student application, and submit it to the MSU Office of International Programs.
    • Step 4: You will receive an acceptance letter from Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus informing you of your final acceptance status. If admitted, complete the process outlined below for Admitted Students along with any other instructions you receive from UiT.

Eligibility: Undergraduates majoring in either social work or special education, with sophomore status and at least a 2.5 GPA (cumulative)

Contact Information:

Main Administration Building

Student cafe overlooking the sea

Fjords near Harstad

Information for Admitted Students
* Although we make every attempt to keep this information up to date, please defer to information provided to you directly from the host institution as the best resource. If there are discrepancies between the protocols listed here (applying for housing, getting registered for courses, etc.) and those told to you by your host institution, default those of the host institution. However, health insurance requirements, course equivalencies, credit transfer and grading are determined solely by MSU.

Apply for student housing: Review your housing options. Then, complete the housing application that can be found on the SiHa website and submit by email to

Review UiT’s Practical Information for International Students for important information that will help you prepare for your program. Also, check out information about Harstad and the surrounding area and student life at UiT.

Visa: Terminology note: the words 'visa,' 'residence permit' and 'study permit' are used interchangeably to describe the document that authorizes a person to enter or leave the country for which it was issued.

Information about your Norwegian Residence Permit: All North American exchange students going to HiH must apply for a residence permit to study in Norway. Please follow the instructions given by the closest Norwegian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Norwegian Embassy in the USA (for American citizens). Norwegian Embassy in Canada (for Canadian citizens).

After your final admission, you will receive an acceptance letter from Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus, which will provide pertinent information needed for your residence permit application. You will then need to complete the application for your residence permit online. The current fee for a residence permit is 2,500 NOK (Norwegian kroner, about $450 USD). Some general information about the process can be found here.

Planning your travel: Wait to make your travel arrangements until you have received guidelines from UiT regarding official arrival dates and times, as well as dates of your final exams at the end of your program. After booking all travel arrangements (flights, trains, etc.) is is imperative to schedule your arrival with your coordinator at UiT.

Global Health Insurance: Insurance coverage necessary for your study abroad program differs from what most domestic insurance policies offer. To address these special needs, the Office of International Programs has identified an affordable and comprehensive international health and travel policy through Cultural Insurance Service International that all MSU study abroad students participating in a partner program must purchase. Instructions on how to register and make payment will be provided during your pre-departure orientation meeting.

Academic System: Students interested in this program should visit with their academic advisor in order to discuss during which term the program would best fit in accordance with other coursework that must be completed for their degree.

Credit for your practicum placement at Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus, is recorded in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). According to MSU policy, 2 ECTS credits are equivalent to 1 credit earned at MSU. A typical semester enrollment would be 30 ECTS credits to be considered full time. Each student is responsible to maintain full enrollment, taking a minimum of the equivalence of 12 MSU credit hours (24 ECTS).

Grading: Scores received at Arctic University of Norway, Harstad campus, will be evaluated according to World Education Services (WES) grading standards published on the WES website. Conversions can be accessed by selecting ECTS from the drop-down box.

Last updated Nov. 3, 2016