Pre-Approved Study Abroad Classes by Location

The following is a list of universities that Minot State University has sent students to in the past. Each school will have courses that have been Pre-Approved as equivalent to MSU classes. These are accepted as equivalent to an MSU course by endorsement of the academic department. Students are not limited to the courses that are listed below. Students are able to inquire about additional courses that might receive approval for equivalency with department chairs and advisors. The following simply lists courses that have already been approved prior to January 2015. The credits vary based on contact hours at the host university.





Note: Schools with an * Asterix next to them are MSU Featured Programs, which means many MSU students have attended them in the past.

Schools with (ISA) next to them means they are operated through our Affiliated Program Provider, International Studies Abroad. Any program run through ISA is pre-approved for MSU students. See more programs here: ISA Website.

Schools with a N next to them are Non-Afilliated Programs, which means students will have to fill out the Non-Affiliated program application form and complete the process before they can apply to these schools.

Last Updated May 22, 2015