Paying Tuition & Fees, Canadian Loans, and TL11A forms

All students must pay their tuition and fees at the start of each semester. Information about payment dates and charges can be found on the Minot State Business Office website

Canadians can find information about Canadian government loans and TL11A tax forms below.

Be sure to have to your payment method figured out prior to your arrival so that your payment is not delayed. Failure to make full payment on time may result in being dropped from classes, which is a violation of your F-1 status. Please refer to your I-20 for the estimated costs of program participation.

Payment can be made to Minot State University by bank wire, travelers’ checks, international money order, or by credit card through the Business Office. Contact the Minot State Business Office for additional information regarding payment deadlines, policies, and charges to your account.

International Student Payment Information
International Student Payment Information
Pay now with Flywire   How to use Flywire [pdf]

Every province's Canadian loan application process is unique. Canadian provincial loan forms that need to be signed by a school official can be emailed to the International Student Coordinator. Any other questions about the individual application process will need to be directed to the provincial student loan service center. 

Dealing with delays: Many Canadian loan applications take a long time to be processed at the loan service center, so delays in dispersment are normal. The Minot State Business Office is very understanding when your loans are arriving late as long as you communicate proactively with them. Please speak to the Business Office cashier if your loans are taking longer to process than normal. 

Office of International Program's role: In most cases, we cannot control if the money is sent directly to Minot State or directly to you. The default is usually for money to be remitted directly to Minot State. If you would prefer for the money to be remitted to you, please include the request in an email when you send the International Student Coordinator your loan form. We will indicate your preference in the electronic confirmation whenever possible. Please remember that Minot State's role in the Canadian loan process is limited to verifying your enrollment, so we are unable to control when the funds are dispersed, whether the funds go to you or Minot State, or how much money you receive. 

Other verifications of enrollment: If you need a verification of enrollment for a private loan or insurance discount, please follow the directions on the Registrar's Office website.

Paying your bill: If you have questions about charges on your student account or how to pay your bill, please check the Business Office website. The International Coordinator only verifies your enrollment and cannot track funds or apply funds to your account.

Canadian TL11A tax forms show tuition charges for the previous fiscal year at Minot State. All amounts are reported in U.S. dollars, broken down by part-time and full-time study as defined by the Minot State Registrar's Office. If you studied at more than one U.S. institution, you will need to request TL11A forms from each school. 

Canadians in F-1 visa status:  Canadian TL11A tax forms are sent out individually to F-1 Canadian students by email each February. *Remember that all F-1 visa students must also file American taxes each fiscal year.

Requesting a TL11A: Dual citizens and Canadians studying online from within Canada can request a TL11A by emailing the International Student Coordinator. Please include the following information in your email request and allow one week for the forms to be created.

  • Your name
  • Minot State ID number
  • Major and degree level
  • Years you need reported (Ex. Fall 2020 - Spring 2022)
  • Email address
  • Mailing Address
You will need to speak to a Canadian tax professional to be sure you are eligible for a TL11A or to claim tuition amounts on your Canadian taxes. Minot State does not have any knowledge of the Canadian tax system, and cannot know who is eligible to claim the tuition tax credit. Any questions about your eligibility or using the TL11A on your Canadian taxes must be directed to a Canadian tax professional.

International and Canadian students require special services before and after they arrive on campus. Many U.S. institutions have created a mandatory international student fee in recognition of the additional administrative and advising responsibilities involved supporting international students. This fee allows the university to develop programming, advising opportunities, and activities to serve and support Canadian and international students at MSU, ensuring that students receive the attention and information they need to successfully and smoothly adjust to life in the U.S. and Minot.

Canadian and other F-1 international students present at Minot State University are charged a mandatory fee of $75 per semester. This fee has been used to implement the following types of programs and/or activities:

  • U.S. tax preparation software
  • Souris Basin bus ride tokens for shopping shuttle
  • Printing of informational materials (example: arrival checklists, orientation handbooks, healthcare pamphlets)
  • Graduation sashes that represent a student's home country's flag
  • International cultural awareness events, such as International Education Week and International Cuisine expos.
  • Activities that welcome and introduce students to the local community (example: welcome parties, ice cream socials, ice skating, bowling, etc.)
  • Workshops

The Office of International Programs staff encourages suggestions of additional programs and services to add to this list. To submit an idea, please email the Director of International Programs.



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