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Office of International Programs

Peruvian Culture and Language, May 24-July 1, 2011

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Application Deadlines:
Download an application. If you do not already have a passport, now is the time to apply for one.

Early bird registration: Submit your application by May 5, 2010 in order to spread your payments into smaller installments of $200 per month.

November 1, 2010: The program fee is locked until this date.

Late registration: If you miss the November 1 application deadline, you may still join the tour until the final deadline of January 16th, 2011. Applicants enrolled after November 1st might be required to pay a slightly higher program fee due to rate fluctuations in hotel, airfare and transportation rates. Participants should not be alarmed by this statement; rate increases are typically not significant.

PERÚ: A privileged destination!
Heir to ancient cultures and a rich colonial tradition, Perú is a magical spot which contains one of the richest biodiversities of Earth, and is a melting pot of different cultures that together are forging the promise of a better future. Join this trip to PERU, not only to travel or to have fun, but also to be part of its Culture and its Language!

Academic Course Work
The tour will be led by Kemerly Moorhouse, Spanish Instructor at Minot State University, who specializes in Spanish Language and Literature. Kemerly was born and raised in Lima - Perú and considers herself as a Peruvian Cultural ambassador.

Participants of this study tour are required to be enrolled in the following:
Spanish 496- Language and Culture in Peru (3 credits)

Course Audits: Community members and students may choose to audit coursework for a 50% tuition rate. Financial Aid is not available for audited courses, and grades will not appear on transcripts.

Financial Aid Considerations: In order to be eligible for summer term federal financial aid, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits. At least 3 of these credits must be from the course listed above. Students who wish to enroll in additional summer coursework in association with the tour (for example: Spanish 344: Latin-American Culture/ Spanish 101, 102 or 201) may make arrangements with the faculty leader.

Tour Itinerary 2011
The tour itinerary will be updated as specific activities are scheduled. Itinerary is subject to change.
View the tour's itinerary [pdf]

Program Fees
The program fee is all inclusive and covers: international flight, meals, language classes, cultural lessons, accommodation with a host family, lodging during excursions, site entrance fees, and tour guides.

A typical day will include intensive Spanish language classes during the morning and Latin-American cultural lessons during the afternoon. Excursions to local and regional sites are planned each weekend.

Program Cost
Program Fee $ 4,550

Insurance: Ages 50-64 add $175; Ages 65-74 add $510

Payment Deadlines:
Early bird registration:
May 5th 2010
Regular registration:
November 1st 2010
Late Registration:
January 16th 2011
$300 due at application.

July - December: $200 due on 5th of each month
January 5th: $500 due
February 5th: $500 due
March 5th: $500 due
April 5th: Remaining balance
$500 due at application.

December 1st: $1000 due
January 5th: $500 due
February 5th: $500 due
March 5th: $500 due
April 5th: Remaining balance
$1000 due at application.

February 5th: $1500 due
March 5th: $500 due
April 5th: remaining balance

* Late registration applicants might be required to pay slightly higher program fee due to rate fluctuations in hotel, airfare and transportation rates. Applicants should not be alarmed by this statement; rate increases are typically not significant.

Note: The program fee of $4,550 is based on an airfare estimate of $1,400 round-trip from Minot. If airfare increases above this amount, participants will be required to cover the extra cost. This cost does not include tuition and fees.

Late Payments:

  • If a payment is received 7 days late, a penalty of $50 will be incurred.
  • If a payment is received 30 business days or more after the payment due date, your application will be considered withdrawn and you will be responsible for any cancellation penalties.
  • If for any reason your payment cannot be processed, a fee of $50 will be incurred.

Payment Policies:

  • Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to depart on the program unless the program fees are paid in full.
  • MSU is not responsible for delays caused by late passport applications, late visa applications or visa denials. Any additional costs incurred for such reasons will be the responsibility of the participant.
  • Transportation Deviation Fees: Transportation will be arranged from Minot. Any deviations or special requests (such as early departure or late returns) will incur a $75 booking fee, in addition to any fees charged by the airlines.

Cancellation & Refunds
Withdrawal from the program is effective on the date that written notification is received by MSU’s Office of International Programs, and any airline tickets that have been issued on your behalf have been returned.

If you withdraw...the cancellation penalty will be:
After Application is submitted: $300
After January 5th: $800
After February 5th: $1500
After March 5th: $2000
60 days prior to departure: Tuition fees only
After departure: No refund

Please Note:

  • If you withdraw from the program after your flights are booked, you will be responsible for airline cancellation charges in addition to the above cancellation fees.
  • MSU will not alter its payment and/or cancellation policies for any reason. If you are concerned about being reimbursed for program fees in the event that you decide to withdraw from the program due to events such as illness, death of a family member, visa denials, natural disaster or international affairs, please investigate the possibility of obtaining independent trip insurance. MSU is not able to offer advice on independent trip insurance.
  • In the unlikely event that MSU is forced to cancel a program or you are not fully accepted into the program, all payments will be refunded.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid can be applied to cover study tour fees, so students might want to consider the possibility of obtaining Financial Aid (generally including loans) to assist in funding their program. For more information about this option, please visit the Financial Aid Office, call (701) 858-3375 or visit their website:

Program Rules
View the Program Rules page

Contact us for more information!
MSU Office of International Programs
2nd Floor Student Union Building
500 University Ave West Minot, ND 58701
Phone: (701) 858-3245