Annual Recognition Awards for 2017-2018

Minot State University honored its 2017-18 Employee Recognition and Retirement award winners at a program on May 9 in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall. MSU recognized the 2017-18 faculty and staff retirees, recipients of the continuous years of service awards, Outstanding Academic Advising Awards, MSU Board of Regents Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards, and the MSU Staff Senate High-Five Award winners.

Three faculty members, Scott Kast and Jan Repnow for teaching, and Eric Furuseth for service, and two staff members, Kate Marshall and Darren Olson, were named the MSU Board of Regents Achievement Award winners at their annual Board of Regents meeting April 20.

Faculty Achievement Awards
This program was established in 1985 by the Burlington Northern Foundation. In 1990 the Board of Regents established a second award and now solely supports the awards to recognize outstanding university teaching. The intent of the award is to recognize, reward, and motivate excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.

Teaching: Scott Kast
Kast is the chair of mathematics and computer science and assistant professor of computer science at Minot State. He has taught at MSU since 1991 and is recognized for excellence in teaching.

When Kast teaches his voice reverberates through the walls, carries down the hallways, and captivates his students. His positive attitude, upbeat personality, and high expectations, combined with his willingness and effort to help all students learn, makes him a teaching dynamo. He cares about every single student, whether they are a computer science major or an elementary education major. He pushes students when needed, encouraging them and helping them find solutions to problems whether they are in the classroom or not. He truly wants students to be successful.

Teaching: Jan Repnow
Repnow is an assistant professor in the business information technology department since 2007 and is recognized for excellence in service.

Repnow believes students come to the university ready to expand their knowledge and it is her responsibility to challenge them in the process. She uses active learning in her classes. The best example of this is the annual Tech Day where Repnow guides business education students through the organization of hosting area high schools for a morning of technology competitions. She is dedicated to staying current in the field of business education and spends countless hours reviewing teaching standards, visiting with educational leaders, and attending professional conferences to ensure that her courses deliver up-to-date content. On a regular basis, you can find her visiting with students in the halls before and after class discussing course materials, degree options, career options and sometimes even life.

Service:  Eric Furuseth
Furuseth is an associate professor in humanities and has been a part of the performing arts in Minot and the university for nearly 25 years. He has had five solo recitals for "Arts in the Parks" as well as numerous performances with the Minot Chamber Chorale and like venues in Williston and Stanley. Through the Western Plains Opera and the Minot Symphony Orchestra, he has appeared in 23 major productions, including seven leading roles.

For over 20years, he has performed as "Lord of the Manor" for the Minot Chamber Chorale's Christmas Renaissance Feast. His organization of ice cream sales for the Norsk Hostfest has earned significant money for the Western Plains Opera and Children's Chorus. On campus Furuseth has held virtually every service position from program coordinator of the English and Humanities programs to president of the faculty senate. He can always be counted on to pitch in whether it be to stand in as a speaker when a headliner fails to show or to perform the Star Spangled Banner at various events. Eric is recognized for excellence in service.

Staff Achievement Awards
The Board of Regents Staff Achievement Award was established in 1991. The Board of Regents established the award to recognize university staff members for outstanding service to the University and the community.

Kate Marshall
Upon her graduation from Minot State University in 2007, Marshall assumed the position of donor relations coordinator with the MSU Advancement Office.

With her attention to detail and sincere appreciation for our donors, she has assisted in setting fundraising records each of the last three years. She has successfully completed over 170 endowment reports, all which require a great deal of attention. Working with the legislatively approved, ND Challenge Grant program, she has assisted in securing over $3 in matching funds for the university. Her consistent contact and follow up with donors is evidenced by the numerous mailing pieces and personal visits which has resulted in increased loyalty and commitment to MSU. Her service to the campus by serving on several committees is exemplary and much appreciated.

Darren Olson
Olson is Minot State's IT director network services/IT security officer and has been with Minot State University since 2006.

He has been tasked with the new changes mandated by the legislature to switch to a new email system. His work on the Starfish and iDashboards software was critical in a successful launch of these programs to assist students. Darren is always available for students and makes sure that students in the residence halls have all their technology needs taken care of. He is a member of the State Security Advisory Board and is persistent in minimizing security threats on campus. His work on the Code Blue System on campus provided the operation of the system to be in use in a timely manner. He is active in his home community of Max, often volunteering at school events. His contributions to the campus are invaluable.


MSU Staff Senate created the High-Five Award in January 2017 and have named 15 winners since its inception. The award is to recognize staff who have served MSU in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. Earning the award in 2017 were: Jennifer Hutchins, Brenda Roedocker, Courtenay Burckhard, Lindsey Benson, Rhonda Holden Selk, Camilla Van Dyke, Karla Bredahl, Charlie Radke, Julie Keller, Amanda Francis, Dana Dannewitz, and Heather Martin. Three staff members have earned the distinction in 2018 including Anton Huether, Gretchen Ingledue, and Laurie Weber.

MSU awarded its Outstanding Academic Advising Awards for 2017-18 to Kathy Hintz, associate professor in teacher education & human performance, and Amy Roberts, assistant professor nursing.


Minot State retirees include Conrad Davidson (1986-2018), Linda Haider (1989-2018), Deanna Head Gotvaslee (2001-2018), Karen Holmen (1981-2018), Julie Keller (2000-2018), Walter Piehl (1970-2018), Linda Schaefer (1990-2018), Neil Scharpe (2008-2018), and Rick Watson (1993-2018).

Service Awards
In 2017-18, 57 MSU employees were acknowledged for five-year increments of service.

Individuals with Five Years of Service include: Jeni Anderson, Ashley Blake, Christine Brigden, Courtenay Burckhard, Mary Fetzer, Constance Geyer, Brenda Halvorson, Aaron Hughes, Sheila Latham, Keryl Lesmann, Penny Lipsey, Jennifer Malachowski, Devin McCall, Matt Murken, Anne Nordgaard, Lynda Opp, Jolene Orluck, Amy Roberts, Ryan Stander, Camila Van Dyke, Michael Wardzinski, and Rhonda Weathers.

Individuals with Ten Years of Service include: Ben Bruton, Melissa Cantone, Andrea Donovan, Kathie Eslinger, David Getzlaff, Jill Hieb, Jessica Hudson, Deborah Kinzell, Kate Marshall, Brigitte Mikula, Tim Morris, Holly Pedersen, Jan Repnow, Melinda Rudnick, Neil Scharpe, Jana Schultz, Brock Weppler, and Bobbi Zueger.

Individuals with Fifteen Years of Service include: Andrew Bertsch, Mikhail Bobylev, Alexandra Deufel, Heather Golly, Anton Huether, Dragoljub Markovic, Darren Seifert, and Amy Woodbeck.

Individuals with Twenty Years of Service include: Lisa Borden-King, Marlene Hargrave, Leisa Harmon, Joseph Jastrzembski, Chris Keller, Richard Miller, and Laurie Weber.

One individual was recognized for Twenty-Five Years of Service, Jonelle Watson.