Chemistry is a rewarding subject of study in itself. Science may be the chief mode by which we perceive ourselves, and the world, in terms of what constitutes a “modern society.” Chemistry draws heavily on all of the sciences and it contributes in many ways to all the other sciences. Chemistry is the servant science because it supplies descriptions and understanding of many kinds of matter that are studied in other sciences. The objectives of the faculty in chemistry include:

  1. the provision of high-quality undergraduate education to students seeking a career in the chemical industry, to those wishing to pursue a graduate degree in chemistry, and to those wishing to teach chemistry at the secondary level, and to those pursuing careers in areas requiring substantial background in chemistry such as medicine and forensic sciences;
  2. the introduction of the philosophy and fundamentals of chemistry to students who are satisfying General Education requirements;
  3. the broadening of scientific literacy;
  4. provide opportunities for students to be involved in scientific research.

Students desiring the best preparation for graduate work and professional careers should pursue the BA degree. Those desiring to teach chemistry at the secondary level should earn the BSEd degree.