Job Search Information

The job search can be daunting and tiresome. Listed below are tips and tricks, given by professionals, to make the job search less stressful and more successful.

» Tips For Job Hunting

The search has begun to find a job based on career skills and knowledge.The link below provides information pertinent to correct research methods to find the employer that best fits your needs.

» Researching Employers

Now is the time to focus on the appropriate outfits to wear on the job search and during the interview process. Below is also the guide to appropriate business casual attire at the workplace.

» Dress To Impress

For education majors, the district hiring may request a credential file or personal data file. If you need help on creating a credential file, set up an appointment with Lynda Bertsch in Academic Support Center, located on the lower level of the Library.

» Credential File (Education Majors)

Now that the job search process has begun, use the checklist below to make sure your search is the most effective it can be. Print ready copies available below, as well.

» Job Search Checklist