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Career Services

Tips for Job Hunting

  • Accentuate your best skills to show employers what are capable of and what can be developed over time.

  • Preparation is key to being ready for an interview. Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends, family, and career services to help you formulate a response to tough interview questions!

  • Don't hesitate to talk to a career counselor or numerous career counselors to make the job hunt successful.

  • Know the skills that can be developed professionally. The more versatile, the more employable the person may become.

  • Make sure key details pertinent to the company stand out. Even if the employer glances over the resume before the interview, the key items will stand out.

  • Network! Network! Network! You must be open to talk to others to aid in your job search.  There may be chances that a person has a lead for the job you are looking for.  Also, be sure to stay in touch with people willing to assist in the job search. Make sure to use all possible sources of job leads and vary how you approach each company.

  • Try the buddy system. If you have a friend who is searching for a job, partner with them about plans and goals. They will be honest and keep you searching for a job.

  • The job search could take months.  Make sure to plan accordingly. If possible, get a temporary job that pays bills while you actively search.

  • Do not worry too much about rejections, this time can help build leads and find skills to work on for the next interview.

  • Write all notes and follow-up contacts to make sure you are on top of the information needed.

  • Reflect on past interviews and find strengths from that interview as well as points to work on for the next one.

  • Memorize the name of the interviewer to make yourself personable and stand out.

  • Stay positive and stay confident! The search for a job is stressful, but a good attitude and strong back-up plan will help you keep going!