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Important Dates and Information

Spring 2025
Following is important information and dates for the Spring 2025 semester:

  • Dates to charge books at the MSU Bookstore - Dec. 30, 2024 - Jan. 23, 2025
  • Excess Financial Aid disbursement - Jan. 29, 2025
  • Tuition and Fees paid in full by - Jan. 29, 2025

You will not get a paper bill from the Business Office. Account information can be obtained via your CampusConnection login.

Please make sure to have your tuition and fees paid in full by by January 29, 2025 to avoid being canceled from your classes. If you are canceled and wish to be reinstated, a fee of $150 will be assessed.

Important Information Regarding Withdrawing From MSU:
When withdrawing (canceling all enrollment at MSU), refund considerations are made based on the date the withdrawal is processed and the classes that you are still enrolled in at the time of withdrawal. The withdrawal form may be accessed by under Withdrawal Procedures at the Financial Aid site. Refunds for withdrawals are processed at the following percentages based on the number of class days completed compared to the total number of class days in the term.

Spring 2025 Refund WITHDRAWAL Schedule*:

Refund % Regular 16 week classes 1st 8 week classes 2nd 8 week classes
100% 1/23/2025 1/16/2025 3/20/2025
75% 2/24/2025 1/30/2025 4/03/2025
50% 3/27/2025 2/12/2025 4/16/2025

Please note that you will only be refunded for the classes that you were enrolled in at the time of withdrawal. No refund consideration will be given for previously dropped classes. Also, if you add classes after the 100% refund dates shown above, and subsequently drop that class, no matter the date, you will not be refunded for that class. If you have any questions, please stop by and visit us on the second floor of the Administration building.

Refund of Tuition and Fees When Dropping a Class and Class Changes
Any student who drops a class during the first 8.999% of the class days of a term will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees for the credit hours of the class or classes dropped. After the first 8.999% of the class days of a term, there will be no refund for a class which is dropped. However, classes of the same or fewer credits may be substituted when added prior to the 8.999% deadline for the dropped class at no additional tuition and fee charge.

Class DROPPING Refund Schedule*:

DROPPING refund schedule
Percent of Course Completed Dropping a Class
0.000% - 8.999% 100%
9.000% - 34.999% 0%
35.000% - 59.999% 0%
60.000% - 100.000% 0%

* When a drop or withdrawal is eligible for a refund, classes are calculated based on the number of calendar days that have elapsed since the class started.

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