Advising Forms

Academic Advisement Sheet [pdf] - The purpose of the Academic Advisement Sheet is to provide advisors with a tool to use when assisting students with course selection. Advisors document the courses students would like to enroll in for the upcoming semester, along with possible alternate courses. There is also an area for advisors to document notes based on discussion with students. This form should be given to students and a copy should be placed in the students' files. 

Advisement Checklist [pdf] - The Advisement Checklist should be placed in students' files and is used to assist advisors with recording potential items advisors may discuss with students.

Advising Information Form [pdf] - The Advising Information Form should be placed in students' files following the initial appointment. Students complete the first section of the form, while advisors initial, date, and indicate the type of visit following each appointment. This form allows for an easy tracking system of how often students visit with their academic advisor. Departments are encouraged to record advising appointments by entering data into a spreadsheet.

Advising Notes [pdf] - The Advising Notes page is available for advisors to document key conversation points following advising sessions, when needed. Documenting is a critical component of each advising session!

Course Schedule Grid [pdf] - The Course Schedule Grid can be provided to students who would like a tool to help them build their class schedules for the upcoming term.

Student Information Card [pdf] - The Student Information Card can be used at one of the first advising sessions to obtain information about advisees.  This document will hopefully assist advisors in better understanding the needs of their advisees.

Student Self Report Card [pdf] - The Student Self Report Card is a tool advisors can ask advisees to complete at various points in their college experience.  This may be beneficial to use around mid-terms or upon completion of a semester.