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Business Office

Faculty & Staff Information

 Campus procedures for hiring student employees

Grants & Contracts
Specific Unallowable Costs [pdf]
Sample Budget
Effort Certifications

Important Travel Information [pdf]
Mileage Information
Policy 505 - Reimbursement for Meals and Lodging [pdf]
Per Diem Rates - FY 2015
— see also:
Travel Authorization Form [pdf]
Travel Expense Voucher [one funding source - xls]
Travel Expense Voucher [multiple funding sources - xls]
Travel - Student Group Meal Advance [xls]
Travel Worksheet - Employee [pdf]
Travel Worksheet - Nonemployee/Student [pdf]

Payments to Foreign Individuals/Companies
Forms and Information [pdf documents]
9/5/6 Rule Form
Employee vs. Ind. Contractor Determination-IRS Guidelines
Foreign National Information Form
Chart for Determining Payments to Foreign Nationals
Checklist for Honorarium to Foreign National
Checklist for Travel Reimbursement to Foreign National
Form Source Income Form-Individual
Form Source Income Form-Company/Corp
Form 8233
W-7 Form
W-8 BEN Form (for Individuals)
W-8 BEN-E Form (for Comp./Corp.)
W-9 Form
Honorarium & Travel Reimbursement Payment Information
Regulations of Non-immigrant Visa Holder Work Hours

Policy & Procedures
Advertising Policy
Agreement for Off-Campus Equip Use [pdf]
Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures [pdf]
Code of Conduct Policy
Code of Conduct/Theft & Fraud Verification Form
Credit Card Policy [pdf]
Deposits of Checks & Cash [pdf]
Employee Responsibility and Activities: Theft, Fraud, Abuse & Waste [pdf]
Identity Theft Prevention Program (Red Flag Rules) [pdf]
Moving Expense Reimbursement Policy [pdf]
Moving Expense Reimbursement Form [pdf]
Negative Leave Balance Policy [pdf]
Purchasing Card General Policy & Users Manual [pdf]
Record Retention Policy [pdf]
Search Committee Guidelines Policy [pdf]
Spouse & Dependent Tuition Waiver Policy & Procedures
Taking University Equipment Home
Tuition Waivers/Release Time for Employees
Use of Personal Vehicles for University Business

All pay records are due in the Business Office on the 16th AND 1st of each month or if that day falls on a holiday or weekend, the first working day following that date.