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  Minot State / Faculty Senate / Student Learning Assessment Committee (SLAC)
Faculty Senate

Student Learning Assessment Committee (SLAC)


  • Director of Institutional Assessment - Nathan Anderson, Co-chair (permanent)
  • Gen Ed Committee member liaison - TBD (25)
  • Academic Assessment Committee member liaison - TBD (25)
  • FYE Committee member liaison - Leisa Harmon (25)
  • Faculty member elected at large - Robyn Walker (25)
  • Faculty member elected at large - Jamie Hammer (26)
  • Faculty member elected at large - Ruth Chen (26)
  • Co-curricular Committee member (staff) - TBD (25)
  • Co-curricular Committee member (faculty) - TBD (25)

Co-chair: Director of Institutional Assessment and one faculty member elected by the members of the Student Learning Assessment Committee in the spring of each year for the upcoming year. One member from each committee (Gen Ed, Academic Assessment, FYE) to serve as a liaison and three faculty members elected at large. In addition, two members of Co-Curricular Committee are selected by the Chairs of Co-Curricular, one of whom must be a staff member involved in the co-curricular assessment process. All members are voting members.  

Method of Selection
The faculty-at-large members shall be elected at the Annual Election. The Liaisons representing GenEd, Academic Assessment, and FYE shall be elected by each representative Committee. One faculty member and one staff member shall be selected by the Chair of the Co-Curricular Committee.

Elected Faculty members of SLAC shall serve 3-year staggered terms. All appointed members serve 1-year terms. The Director of Assessment is a permanent Co-Chair.

Method for filling a vacancy
The President of the Senate, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the replacement for a faculty member at-large to serve until the next Annual Election. Any other faculty position shall be filled by appointment from the chair of the representative committee.


  1. Review all four Executive Summaries of the assessment reports submitted by the FYE, General Education, Co-Curricular, and Academic Assessment committees, and extract information relevant to our University Goals and the budget process.
  2. Review the executive summaries of the NSSE, FSSE, SSI, PSOL surveys and extract information relevant to our University Goals and the budget process.
  3. Collect institutional data disaggregated by ethnicity, age, gender, first-generation college student status, mode of delivery of program when possible. This data may include other demographic variables at the discretion of the committee, such as employment, place of origin, and student-athlete status.
  4. Summarize the collected information into a report that reflects on our University Learning Goals and recommend specific actions and initiatives to the Strategic Planning and Budget Council.
  5. Provide copies of the report to the Strategic Planning and Budget Council, President of MSU, the VPs, the committees producing the original assessment reports (FYE, Co-curricular, General Education, and Academic Assessment), FS, SS and SGA.

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint

For more information about the committee, including selection of its members, terms, and duties, please visit Article III of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

Updated July 6, 2024 LKG