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  Minot State / Faculty Senate / Sabbatical Committee
Faculty Senate

Sabbatical Committee

Members must be full-time tenured faculty.

Vice President for Academic Affairs (non-voting ex-officio)
Laurie Geller

Faculty Elected At-Large (1)
Daniel Ngugi (27)

School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Evan Borisinkoff (26)

School of Business, Math, and Technology
James Ondracek (25) 

School of Science and Health
Mary Huston (25)

School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Daniel Ringrose (26)

For more information about the committee, including selection of its members, terms, and duties, please visit Article III of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

Updated July 6, 2024 LKG

Files (PDF)
Sabbatical Application Procedures
Sabbatical Application               (fillable pdf - just click "fill and sign")
Sabbatical Chairperson Review  (fillable pdf - just click "fill and sign")
Sabbatical Conditions of Agreement  (fillable pdf - just click "fill and sign")
Past Awarded Sabbaticals

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint.