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Be seen. Be heard.

Faculty Senate

Promotion Committee

Members must be tenured and cannot serve concurrently on Tenure, Faculty Rights, or Peer Review Committees

Faculty Elected At-Large (6)
Daniel Ngugi (21)
Jon Rumney (21)
Jynette Larshus (20)
Paul Lepp (20)
Robert Kibler (19)
Joseph Jastrzembski (19)

Faculty Elected by College (3)

College of Arts and Sciences (1)
Ernst Pijning (20)

College of Business (1)
Dean Frantzvog (19)

College of Education and Health Sciences (1)
Nicola Roed (21)

For more information about the committee, including selection of its members, terms, and duties, please visit Article III of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.