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  Minot State / Faculty Senate / Promotion Committee
Faculty Senate

Promotion Committee

One faculty member of the committee is elected from each of the nine academic departments. Members must be tenured and cannot serve concurrently on the Faculty Rights Committee or the Tenure Committee. No member of the committee may be a department chair.

Department of Education and Inclusive Services
TBD (27)

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Criminal Justice
TBD (25)

Department of Business
TBD (27)

Department of Math, Data, and Technology
TBD (25)

Department of Science
Joe Collette (26)

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Leisa Harmon (26)

Department of Nursing
TBD (25)

Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies
TBD (27)

Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Jon Rumney (26)

Promotion Application  (fillable pdf - just click "fill and sign")

Meeting minutes are available on Teams/Sharepoint.

For more information about the committee, including selection of its members, terms, and duties, please visit Article III of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

Updated July 6, 2024 LKG