About the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate at Minot State University is responsible for University policy relating to courses and curriculum, faculty welfare and promotion, changes in faculty organization, and other matters as indicated in the Faculty Handbook of the University. Ultimate authority for university policy rests with the State Board of Higher Education and State Legislature, but a wide variety of decisions are made on campus by the Senate. Actions taken by the Senate can be over-ruled by the President of the University. The faculty, by one-third vote, can require the Senate to reconsider any Senate action and can overrule the Senate with a majority vote. Faculty members can bring issues to Faculty Senate by notifying the Faculty Senate president of the issue to be placed on the agenda.

The North Dakota University System (NDUS) The Board develops policies that affect the eleven institutions in the North Dakota University system.

Council of College Faculties is a consultative body set up to facilitate communication amongst faculty of the NDUS. It meets monthly and maintains a listserv. CCF has an advisory mission.

The Senate meets on a monthly basis throughout the regular school year. Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month in the Westlie Room in the Student Union Building, usually at 3:30 PM. Meetings are chaired by the President and run according to Roberts Rules of Order. In general, the bulk of the work of the Senate occurs in committee.

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