The Printing Process

Our staff can produce anything from a business card to a book with hundreds of pages. There are no charges for our design and lay-out services. When you begin to plan your project or at any time during the design and proofing process, please e-mail or and we will be happy to assist you.

Step 1: Planning & Designing
Planning the job may be the most critical stage of the printing process. The Office of Design and Print Services should be notified of any major printing request as soon as the customer becomes aware of the need. We can advise you in selecting the most appropriate and economical printing or copying method. We can also answer your questions regarding cost estimates, completion dates, and billing.

Copyright Responsibility
It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain all copyright releases. If a copyright law is broken, the customer and the printer may be held responsible. Any question regarding copyright privileges may cause a job to be delayed until clarification is obtained.

Step 2: Copy Preparation
Electronic files may be submitted on a USB drive or by email to or Files can be sent to us either as MS Word text files, which will be used in the design process, or properly saved pdf files that we can send directly to print.

Once a design is ready, the customer will receive a proof for final approval. Proofing is the customer’s responsibility and any changes after the final proof may result in additional expense.

Step 3: Press & Bindery
Design and Print Services produces high-quality printed products up to 12" x 18", which can be either one-color or multicolor. Finishing services include cutting, folding, stapling, padding, saddle-stitch (booklet staples) binding and coil binding. Additional bindery services can be completed off-campus, such as numbering, die-cutting, laminating, and perfect binding.

Design and Print Services Hours
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.