Symphonic Band Final List

Director – Mr. Chris Harvey

Flute (13)
Autumn Howatt - Langdon Area High School
Maria Zepeda - Minot Central Campus
Alyssa Tarasen - Minot Central Campus
Marissa Beck - Minot Central Campus
Lauren Peterka - Jamestown High School
Dakota Schoenfelder - Edgeley Public School
Margaret Kathol - St. Mary’s Central High School
Madison Lyman - Jim Hill Middle School
Madison Pilon - Central Cass High School
Autumn Thompson - Devils Lake High School
Reanna Schmidt - Center-Stanton High School
Alexis Ternes - Devils Lake High School
Jacilyn Woods - Beulah High School

Oboe (4)
Kori Nagel - Center-Stanton High School
Riley Grove - Rugby High School
Zoe Frohlich - St. Mary’s Central High School
Samatha Farden - Glenburn High School

Bassoon (1)
Allison Bleth - St. Mary’s Academy

Bb Clarinet (18)
Kayleigh Kraft - Center-Stanton High School
Emily Schmidt - Richardton Taylor High School
Jora Leeseberg - Hillsboro High School
Gabrielle Johnson - Minot Central Campus
Alayna Martinez - Carrington High School
Salvatore O’Neill - Griggs County Central
Kimberly Neumann - Williston High School
Amanda Goldade - Glenburn High School
Emmalia Frei - Hazen High School
Emily Yoder - Rugby High School
John Marshall - Wing Public School
Katelynn Cabot - Richardton Taylor High School
Erin Clementich - Devils Lake High School
Landon Regstad - St. Mary’s Academy
Jennifer Wood - Minot Central Campus
Josie Long - Langdon Area High School
Alaina Gochanour - Minot Central Campus
Ava Thorenson - Newburg United Schools

Bb Bass Clarinet (4)
Malik Krahler - Jamestown High School
Amie Kjorsvik - Lakota High School
Michaela Nelson - Larimore High School
Joseph HarriSon - Glenburn High School

Eb Alto Saxophone (13)
Melaina Haagenson - Minot Central Campus
Jessi Neidviecky - Central Cass High School
Kennedy Mertz - St. Mary’s Academy
Amanda Baker - Trinity High School
Carly Johnson - Minot Magic City Campus
Riley Cronin - Larimore High School
Ben Girodat - Langdon Area High School
Mikayla Voegele - Beulah High School
Braxton Istilart - Stanley High School
Sabrina Volk - Beulah High School
Parker Hummel - Minot Central Campus
Corben Holler - Sidney Middle School
Shelby Stehley - Nedrose High School

Bb Tenor Saxophone (5)
Paris Eslick - Jamestown High School
Regan Wolstenholm - Beulah Middle School
Batool Alakech - Minot Central Campus
Britten VanGorder - Bainville High School
Aiden Zugg - Williston High School

Eb Baritone Saxophone (5)
Bria Smithberg - Divide County High School
Lillian Effertz - Velva High School
Madelyn Orr - Jamestown High School
Emma Duda - New Rockford-Sheyenne High School
Chase Jackson - Minot Magic City Campus

Trumpet (16)
Gavyn Anderson - Carrington High School
McKenna Podoll - Jim Hill Middle School
David Bartelson - Sidney High School
Connor Devero - Dickinson High School
Tucker Jorgenson - Williston High School
Julie Folk - Ramstad Middle School
Dara Beck - Washburn Public School
Lynzee Schepp - Lewis and Clark Berthold
Nichole Hettwer - Munich Public School
Colby Olson - Culbertson High School
Ty Stromberg - Larimore High School
Morgan Van Bruggen - Litchville-Marion School
Aden Wheeler - Devils Lake High School
Kathryn Stenberg - Williston High School
Cadence DeCoteau - Devils Lake High School
Betsy Brimhall - Tioga High School

F Horn (8)
Blake Bernhardt - Wing High School
Alli Guthmiller - Carrington High School
Christianna Wall - Sidney High School
Elyssa Greenwell - Ramstad Middle School
Claudia PromSchmidt - Williston High School
Brianna Brost - Sidney High School
Shelby Verke - Washburn Public Schools
Noah Cronkhite Miller - Minot Central Campus

Trombone (10)
Ethan Igl - Jamestown High School
Kyle Marcotte - St. Mary’s Central High School
Krys Huesers - Minot Central Campus
Dayton Fiddler - Beulah High School
Koby Hanson - Devils Lake High School
Arland Bartlett - Kenmare High School
Shane Bosch - Hazen Public School
Megan Hay - Divide County High School
Luke Dryburgh - Hillsboro High School
Daniel Stevens - Sidney Middle School

Euphonium (6)
Grace Boysun - Washburn Public Schools
Teanna Hintz - Center-Stanton High School
Bo Salander - Larimore High School
Jarret Henke - Center-Stanton Public School
Bohdan Obenauer - Hazen High School
Preston Barbie - St. Mary’s Academy

Tuba (6)
Mason Striha - Velva High School
Carter Newman - Velva High School
Matthew Macdonald - Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock High School
Jacob Jeglum - Divide County High School
Cameron Albers - Center-Stanton High School
Alyssa Holland - Hazen High School

Percussion (8)
Kresten Drevecky - Minot Central Campus
Griffin Winstead - Jamestown High School
Harris Barry - Jim Hill Middle School
Tobias Werven - Beulah Middle School
Jordan Anderson - Glenburn High School
Trystan Johnson - Stanley High School
Calvin Otto - Valley-Edinburg School
Issac Pifer - Larimore High School

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