Global Sights Photography Competition - 2015 Winners

Student Category 

Faculty, Staff, Retirees and Alumni Category

First Place

Title: Los Baños de Doña María de Padilla
Photographer: Shelby Pederson, MSU Student majoring in Social Work
Taken: May 2015
Location: Real Alcåzar de Sevilla, Spain


 2Second Place
Title: Frog in the Amazon
Photographer: Alexandra Graves, MSU student majoring in Communications Disorders
Taken: July 2012
Location: Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest


3Third Place
Title: Peripheri of Pashupatinath Temple
Photographer: Bikalpa Ghimire, MSU student majoring in Biology
Taken: August 2014
Location: Nepal


4Fourth Place
Title: Mount Cook
Photographer: Zhi Yang Chan, MSU student majoring in Energy Economics & Finance
Taken: February 2014
Location: Aoraki, Canterbury, New Zealand


5Fifth Place
Title: My Heart Looks on with Curiosity
Photographer: Karen Langemo, MSU student majoring in Music Education
Taken: May 2015
Location: Old City Jerusalem


Honorable mentionHonorable Mention
Title: At Khan El-Khalili Market
Photographer: Taro Yazu, MSU student majoring in Spanish with a minor in English
Taken: June 2015
Location: Cairo, Egypt


Honorable mentionHonorable Mention
Title: The Beauty of Northern Norway
Photographer: BriAnna Menge, MSU student majoring in Elementary and Special Education
Taken: May 2015
Location: Harstad, Norway


honorable mentionHonorable Mention
Title: Pakistan Monument
Photographer: Furqan Bin Amjad, MSU student majoring in Computer Science
Taken: April 2013
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan


Honorable mentionHonorable Mention
Title: Mountain Majesty
Photographer: Else-Marie Nelson, MSU student majoring in History Education
Taken: October 2015
Location: Masfjorden, Hordaland, Norway



honorable mentionHonorable Mention
Title: Honduran at the End of the Rainbow
Photographer: Sierra Lassila, MSU student majoring in Math Education
Taken: July 2015
Location: Le Ermita, Talanga, Honduras


Faculty, Staff, Retirees and Alumni Category

Student Category

First Place
Title: Golden Temple
Photographer: Dr. Andrea Donovan, MSU Art and Humanities Dept. faculty member
Taken: June 2014
Location: Thailand


Second Place
Title: Welcome to Prague
Photographer: Bethany Keusch, MSU Alumna, Class of 2010
Taken: September 2015
Location: Prague, Czech Republic


3Third Place
Title: Norwegian Stave Church
Photographer: Chuck Barney, Director of MSU’s Severson Entrepreneurship Academy
Taken: August 2015
Location: Telemark, Norway


4Fourth Place
Title: Road to Port
Photographer: Annette Mennem, MSU’s Native American Center Director
Taken: July 2015
Location: Manila, Phillippines


5Fifth Place
Title: Nesting Storks (Ruins of St. John’s Church)
Photographer: Bethany Andreasen, MSU History Dept. faculty member
Taken: July 2013
Location: Selçuk, Turkey


hHonorable Mention
Title: Coba Ruins
Photographer: Jessica Aga, MSU Alumna, Class of 2005 and MSU Purchasing Agent
Taken: April 2014
Location: Mexico


hHonorable Mention
Title: Sea of Turtles
Photographer: Ashley Sevre, MSU Alumna, class of 2013
Taken: January 2014
Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands