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Office of International Programs

Global Sights Photography Competition - 2013 Winners

Student Category

First Place
Title: Through the Looking Glass
Location: Paris, France
Date: May 2013
Photographer: Photographer: Lauren Becker, MSU student majoring in Communication Disorders
Second Place
Title: Wat Mahathat
Location: Ayuttaya, Thailand
Date: September 2013
Photographer: Theresa Elder, MSU student majoring Chemistry and Biology
Third Place
Title: Slum Child Simplicity
Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand
Date: July 2013
Photographer: Sierra Lassila, MSU student majoring in International Business
Honorable Mention
Title: Vila Velna Cidade Maravilhosa
Location: Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil
Date: February 2012
Photographer: Dusan Radivojevic, MSU graduate student pursing a Masters in Education with a Concentration in Human Performance
Honorable Mention
Title: Inside the Dome
Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia
Date: August 2011
Photographer: Jen Hoe Ng, MSU student majoring in Marketing
Honorable Mention
Title: Lighthouse
Location: West Coast of Denmark
Date: Fall 2013
Photographer: Tyler Berg, MSU student majoring in International Business, Marketing, Management
Honorable Mention
Title: Gondola
Location: Venice, Italy
Date: Summer 2012
Photographer: Brigitte LaFontaine, MSU student majoring in Broadcasting
Honorable Mention
Title: Peace in Patience
Location: Dominican Republic
Date: July 2013
Photographer: Kacy Price, MSU student majoring in Social Work

Faculty, Staff, Retirees and Alumni Category

First Place
Title: Taking the Road Less Traveled
Location: Connemara, Ireland
Date: September 2013
Photographer: Danielle Finn, MSU Alumna, Class of 2013
Second Place
Title: Untitled
Location: Chamonix, France
Date: July 2012
Photographer: Tyson Snelling, MSU Alumnus, Class of 2011
Third Place
Title: Venice Silhouette
Location: Venice, Italy
Date: August 2013
Photographer: Chuck Barney, Director of MSU?s Severson Entrepreneurship Academy
Honorable Mention
Title: Out to Dry
Location: Venice, Italy
Date: May 2009
Photographer: Bethany Keusch, MSU Alumna, Class of 2010
Honorable Mention
Title: Peterhoff Cathedral
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Date: July 2013
Photographer: Dr. Andrea Donovan, MSU Art and Humanities faculty member
Honorable Mention
Title: Akodessewa Fetish Market
Location: Lom?, Togo
Date: April 2013
Photographer: John Girard, MSU College of Business faculty member
Honorable Mention
Title: Blue-footed Boobies
Location: Gal?pagos Islands, Ecuador
Date: July 2009
Photographer: Cheryl Hickel Buchanan, MSU Alumna, Class of 1986