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Office of International Programs

Global Sights Photography Competition - 2012 Winners

Student Category

First Place
Title: Peek-a-Boo
Location: Cannes, France
Date: June 2012
Photographer: Kari Olson, MSU Student majoring in Elementary Education
Second Place
Title: Big Ben
Location: London, England
Date: June 2011
Photographer: Kara Bohan, MSU Student majoring in Spanish
Third Place
Title: Kaju
Location: Sisimiut, Greenland
Date: March 2012
Photographer: Melissa Geisler Krogsgaard, Exchange Student from MSU’s partner institution: Aalborg University, Denmark, majoring in Communication
Honorable Mention
Title: A Tale of Two Cities
Location: Ronda, Spain
Date: December 2011
Photographer: McKenzie Rudolph, MSU Student majoring in International Business
Honorable Mention
Title: Potatoes
Location: Awanacancha, Peru
Date: June 2012
Photographer: Max Buchholtz, MSU Student majoring in Nursing with a minor in Spanish
Honorable Mention
Title: Downtown Cuzco
Location: Cuzco, Peru
Date: June 2012
Photographer: Matthew Johnson, MSU Student majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish
Honorable Mention
Title: Up there in Svolvær
Location: Svolvær, Vagån, Norway
Date: May 2012
Photographer: Jordon Lakoduk, MSU Student majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems
Honorable Mention
Title: Taiyuan, China
Location: Taiyuan, China
Date: June 2012
Photographer: Ren Zhijian (Jerry), TLC-Minot Student studying English as a Second Language
Honorable Mention
Title: Colorful Venice
Location: Venice, Italy
Date: November 2011
Photographer: Soyoung Cates, MSU Student majoring in Accounting

Faculty, Staff, Retirees and Alumni Category

First Place
Title: Ireland: Thatched Cottage
Location: Small Village in Ireland
Date: July 2012
Photographer: Dr. Andrea Donovan, MSU Assistant Professor of Art and Humanities
Second Place
Title: Juxtaposition of Poverty and the Cruise Ship
Location: Roatan, Honduras
Date: December 2005
Photographer: Chuck Barney, MSU Severson Entrepreneurship Academy Director
Third Place
Title: Delivered Fresh Daily
Location: China
Date: October 2010
Photographer: Bonnie Carrera, Director of MSU’s TLC-Minot
Honorable Mention
Title: Tower Bridge
Location: London, England
Date: September 2012
Photographer: Sue Lommen, MSU Facilities Management Administrative Assistant
Honorable Mention
Title: Mudman
Location: Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea
Date: August 2010
Photographer: Wayne Peterson, Class of 1955 MSU Alumnus
Honorable Mention
Title: Rocky Reflex
Location: Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada
Date: June 2010
Photographer: Lorrie Raelle Tiegs, Class of 1996 MSU Alumna