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Office of International Programs

Global Sights Photography Competition - 2011 Winners

Student Category

1st Place
Title: I think I'll just sit here
Location: Marbella (Andalucía) Spain
Date: Taken in October 2011, while on an MSU study abroad program to Malaga, Spain
Photographer: McKenzie Rudolph, International Business and Spanish

2nd Place
Title: Whitby
Location: Whitby, England
Date: Taken in March 2011 while on an MSU study abroad program to Sunderland, U.K.
Photographer: Kayla Schmidt, English
3rd Place
Title: Life on the Fjord
Location: Harstad, Norway
Date: Taken in April 2011 while on an academic visitation to MSU’s partner institution, Harstad University College
Photographer: Photographer: Jacey Peterson, Business Education
Honorable Mention
Title: Below the Eye
Location: London, England
Date: May 2009
Photographer: Katelyn Donald, Psychology and Sociology
Honorable Mention
Title: Reflection on the Canal
Location: Venice, Italy
Date: June 2010
Photographer: Breanna Benson, Elementary Education and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and Autism
Honorable Mention
Title: Street Graffiti
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: January 2011
Photographer: Patricia Gukert, Communication Disorders

Faculty, Staff and Alumni Category

1st Place
Title: Perspective
Location: Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: December 2010
Photographer: Charissa Arneson, Class of 2005 MSU Alumna
2nd Place
Title: Venetian Canals
Location: Venice, Italy
Date: June 2011
Photographer: Dr. Andrea Donovan, MSU Assistant Professor of Art and Humanities
3rd Place
Title: Which Way from Here
Location: Cordoba, Spain
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Kyra Hansen, Class of 2011, BA- Art
Honorable Mention
Title: Cathedral Cove
Location: Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
Date: 2011
Photographer: Tim Whitow, Class of 2010, BS-Finance, International Business
3rd Place
Title: Presidential Palace
Location: Muscat, Oman
Date: January 2011
Photographer: Dr. John Girard, MSU Professor of Business Administration
Honorable Mention
Title: Timeless Sacrifice
Location: Inti Raymi, Cusco, Peru
Date: June 2011
Photographer: Dr. Linda Olson, MSU Professor of Humanities and Chair of the Humanities Division
3rd Place
Title: Incredible!!
Location: Pisa, Italy
Date: June 2010
Photographer: Julie Benson, MSU Alumna