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Office of International Programs

Global Sights Photography Competition - 2010 Winners

Student Category

1st Place
Title: untitled
Location: Malta
Date: December 2007
Photographer: Josh Collins, Art and Music

2nd Place
Title: City by the sea
Location: Portovenere, Italy
Date: June 2010
Photographer: Kyra Hansen, Art

3rd Place
Title: A walk in Angkor Wat
Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Date: April 2010
Photographer: J. Erin Nolan, Communication Disorders

Honorable Mention
Title: Roman ruins
Location: Rome, Italy
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Ashley Krosbakken, Business/Management Information System

Faculty/Staff Category

1st Place
Title: I can't take it anymore, I'm going to jump!
Location: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France
Date: March 2009
Photographer: Dr. Andrew Aken, MSU College of Business faculty member

2nd Place
Title: Farmer’s market
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Date: 1975
Photographer: Dr. Om Madhok, Professor Emeritus (Biology)

3rd Place
Title: Rio in the Sand
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date: September 2010
Photographer: Rick Heit, Social Networking Specialist, Marketing office

Honorable Mention
Title: Milan Galleria
Location: Rome, Italy
Date: June 2010
Photographer: Dr. Andrea Donovan, MSU Art and Humanities faculty member