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Office of International Programs

Global Sights Photography Competition - 2009 Winners

Student Category

1st Place
Title: Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca
Location: Peru
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Kristina Mader, Communication Disorders

2nd Place
Title: Coliseum
Location: Rome, Italy
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Ashley Krosbakken, Radiologic Technology

3rd Place
Title: Mayan Ruins at Nim Li Punit
Location: Belize, Central America
Date: January 2009
Photographer: Hope Finley, Art

Honorable Mention
Title: Eiffel Tower
Location: Paris, France
Date: July 2009
Photographer: Steven Merkel, Foreign Language/German

Honorable Mention
Title: The Arch
Location: Culzean Castle, near Ayr in Ayrshire, Scotland Date: October 2009
Photographer: Patricia Gukert, Communication Disorders

Honorable Mention
Title: Cove of the Pacific
Location: Mangilao, Guam
Date: February 2009
Photographer: Sheena Faircloth, Business Management

Honorable Mention
Title: Morning Prayer
Location: Cao Dai Holy Temple in Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Date: April 2009
Photographer: Erica Bednar, English Education

Honorable Mention
Title: untitled
Location: Madrid, Spain
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Kyra Hansen, Art

Honorable Mention
Title: Machu Picchu Postcard
Location: Peru
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Whitney Loftesnes, Marketing

Honorable Mention
Title: Dumbo in Wild Africa
Location: Mikumi National Park in Tanzania
Date: April 2008
Photographer: Joseph Mujule, MSU alum (broadcasting) and Textbook Manager at MSU Barnes & Noble

Faculty/Staff Category

1st Place
Title: Rooftops
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Date: July 2008
Photographer: Kristin Wood, MSU Transfer and Articulation Agreement Advisor in Enrollment Services

2nd Place
Title: Reflections
Location: Alhambra in Granada, Spain
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Andrea Donovan, MSU Art and Humanities faculty member

3rd Place
Title: Catania late afternoon neighbors
Location: Sicily, Italy
Date: July 2009
Photographer: DeVera Bowles, MSU Music faculty member

Honorable Mention
Title: Dancers
Location: SIAS International University in Henan province, China
Date: May 2008
Photographer: Gary Ross, MSU College of Business faculty member

Honorable Mention
Title: Raining Down Under
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: July 2008
Photographer: John Girard, MSU College of Business faculty member

Honorable Mention
Title: Cooking on a Hillside
Location: a children's home outside of Bangalore, India
Date: September 2009
Photographer: Bonnie Carrera, Director of The Language Company, Minot campus

Honorable Mention
Title: Kotor Bay
Location: Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Date: June 2009
Photographer: Patty Hunt, Reference/Instruction Librarian at Gordon B. Olson Library, MSU

Honorable Mention
Title: German gal sports haircut with symbol of the city--the bear.
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: summer 2009
Photographer: Maila Zitelli, MSU German professor

Honorable Mention
Title: A walled city
Location: Piazza San Michele in Lucca, Italy
Date: February 2004
Photographer: Orlene Schroeder, MSU Communication Disorders faculty member

Honorable Mention
Title: Ancient Residence
Location: Huayna Picchu, Peru
Date: October 2004
Photographer: Laurie Dimler, MSU Nursing faculty member

Honorable Mention
Title: Roman Baths
Location: Bath, England
Date: January 2003
Photographer: Linda Olson, MSU Art professor and Humanities Division chair