It is a good idea to start up a separate bank account in the United States because most debit machines in the U.S. do not take international cards. It is more convenient to have an account here in Minot in order to do your regular shopping activities. Below is a list of local banks you might wish to choose from.

Choosing a Financial Institution
Keep the following in mind when choosing a bank:

  • Minimum balance requirements
  • Interest rates on checking accounts
  • Debit Cards
  • Finance charges
  • Location (near MSU)
  • Banking hours: weekends or drive through service for evenings

First International Bank-Trust (ATM located in MSU student Center and 1st floor of Old Main)

US Bank

First Western Bank & Trust
(701) 852-3711

Bremer Bank
(701) 852-3361

Wells Fargo

Gate City Bank (does not open accounts for F-1 students)

* Minot State University does not recommend one financial institution over the other *

Checking Accounts
Many banks will offer Debit or ATM cards in addition to checkbooks. There are many ATM machines located in banks, malls, and grocery stores around Minot where you can withdraw money. There is also an ATM machine located in the atrium of the Student Union Building, on the first floor. You may be able to use your own bank card in these ATMs but we recommend that you check with your home bank, including the possibility of additional charges. You do not need a U.S. Social Security Number to open a checking account.

Keep accurate records of your bank transactions. Make sure all checks written are fully covered by your deposits. If your write an “insufficient funds” check, the bank will charge a penalty for overdrawing your account (usually about $30), and the store to which you write the overdrawn check will also charge an additional fee (from $30 to $45). In addition, you may lose your checking privilege at your bank and at the place where you wrote the check. Writing a bad check is against the law: it is considered theft. Theft over $500 is a felony crime for which the penalty is a jail sentence of three to five years.

Last Updated May 25, 2022 (lc)