International Student Advising Schedule

International Student/SEVIS Coordinator
Elizabeth Sund is responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with federal F-visa regulations for international and Canadian students. She works with over 400 international students at any given time, ranging from first year students to those on STEM OPT extensions after graduation.

  • Electronic communication: Elizabeth keeps the website up to date with commonly requested links and forms. Elizabeth also strives to keep a "zero inbox" during office hours, so you will have an accurate answer to your question fast! You can reach Elizabeth at
  • Dropping off documentation: Please drop completed forms in Elizabeth's inbox on her desk or in the lockbox outside the door if you visit when the office is closed. She will email you when she has processed the documentation or if she has any further questions.
  • Walk-in consultations: Walk-in visits should last no more than 5-10 minutes and are available on a first come first served basis for quick questions. Elizabeth may request that you email complicated questions, thus giving her the ability to formulate a detailed written response.
  • Individual appointments: Appointments need to be requested by email at least one day in advance, and are for issues that may take longer than a few minutes. Always email your question first so Elizabeth can prepare for your meeting. Topics that will require a scheduled appointment include:
    • CPT and OPT applications
    • Reinstatement
    • Academic probation or suspension
    • Other complicated immigration situations involving your F-1 student status

Please remember that the Office of International Programs also has a 48 hour processing time for any documentation you request from us.

Appointments can be requested by contacting Elizabeth by email at
or by phone at +1-701-858-3348 or 1-800-777-0750 (ext. 3348)

Disclaimer: The Office of International Programs is able to provide you with general guidance.  However, any advice provided to you by our office, as well as the information on this website, should not be construed as legal advice. Additionally, due to the fluid nature of governmental interpretation, USCIS may change its interpretation of these immigration laws/regulations and eligibility requirements for benefits, at any time.  We will do our best to provide you with the most current guidance.  Each case is fact-specific and it is advised that you contact an experienced immigration attorney if you have questions regarding your situation.


Updated Aug 2019 ES