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Office of International Programs

2007 China Study Tour

From May 14-27, 2007, 45 study tour participants, including 10 MSU Students, visited Beijing, China's capital; Xi'an, home of the first Chinese emperor and terracotta warriors; SIAS University, MSU's Chinese partner institution, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province; and Shanghai, China's largest city and economic center. Tourist sites visited included the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the terracotta warriors, and other beautiful sights and famous locales. Tour participants had a unique opportunity to experience first-hand many aspects of China: Chinese history, culture, economic development, business opportunities and challenges.

The tour participants also visited local Chinese companies, a high school and farming community where participants had the opportunity to interact with business leaders, professional educators, and students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The study tour was led by 3 MSU professors: Dr. Yueh-Ting Lee, Dean and Professor of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Margaret Sherve, Assistant Professor of English; and Dr. Bin Wang, Assistance Professor of Economics; and MSU’s International Student Coordinator, Ronnie Walker. All of the tour leaders have extensive travel experience, and have lived in China or elsewhere overseas.

Students were given the option of taking the study tour for academic credit for the following courses:

Business Administration 499/592; and Finances 499 Special Topics: Doing Business in China (1-3 credits) Course description: With China’s growing importance in the world market, an understanding of the Chinese business environment will give study tour participants a great advantage in their future employment and business success related to China. This special topics class prepares students for their likely business dealing with China with an introduction to the basics of the Chinese business environment. Topics will include political and economic environment, capital markets and institutions, and foreign direct investment. Participants in this learn-by-experience class will get a direct experience with the Chinese business environment during the two-week tour in China.

English 296 or 496, Study Abroad; English 535, Study Tour to China (1-3 credits) These courses will address various aspects of Chinese culture and literature. We will read appropriate literature to prepare students for the Study Tour and visit cultural and educational sites. A journal of the trip and a reflection paper afterwards will be required. Classes will meet monthly (evenings) during spring semester and students will have the opportunity for a public presentation during fall semester, 2007.