Enrollment Reports

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Spring 2024 Official Enrollment Reports
Headcount and FTE Enrollment by College and Career Level (NDUH2SRA)
Student Data Statistics by Residency/State (NDUH2SRD)
Headcount by Academic Plan, Gender and Status (NDU2SRE)
Headcount by Academic Plan, Gender and Status (NDU2SRE2)
Enrollment Totals by Country, State and County (NDUS2SRG)
Academic and Course Level Enrollments (NDUS2SRI)
Headcounts and Enrollment by Gender (NDUS2SRJ)
Compliance Report-Race-Ethnicity, Credits Enrolled, Status and Academic Level (NDUS2SRK)
Residency of First-Time Degree Seeking Undergraduates (NDUS2SRL)
IPEDS Print Program Enrollment CIP Code and Ethnicity (NDUS2SRM)
Enrollment Summary of Students by Age (NDUS2SRN)
E-Learning Degree Headcount by Delivery Mode (NDUS2SRR)
Credit Hours by Academic Group, Subject, and Gender (NDUS2SRS)
Credit Hours by Academic Group and Course Level (NDUS2SRT)
Headcount by Class and Credit Load (NDUH2SRU)
NDUS Full-Time On Campus (NDUS2SRX)
Developmental Course Enrollments (NDUS2SRY)
Distance Education Status Report (NDUSH2SRZ)

Past Enrollment Reports: