The Gender/Women’s Studies Program

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Minot State University offers both an undergraduate minor and a concentration in Gender/Women’s Studies. The program is an interdisciplinary academic program of study that takes as its focus the history, development, and consequences of culturally acquired sexual identities. In this program, you will examine how gender structures our lives, ideas, institutions, society, and cultural practices. Both men and women gain a clearer sense of identity and purpose. 

Career opportunities

Gender/Women’s Studies provides essential background for many careers, especially those in human services, teaching, law, government, law enforcement, clinical work, social work, public relations, advertising, administration, business, healthcare, and journalism. 

Get involved

Undergraduate research and civic engagement are major foci of our program. You will present papers at professional conferences, publish articles and essays in academic journals, and participate in a variety of other projects. Community partnerships have also been established with local establishments such as the Domestic Violence Center, the YWCA, the women’s NRA chapter, and community clinics, providing you with the opportunity to apply classroom experience to the real world. 


Sarah Aleshire, Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor, English
(701) 858-3395
Old Main 202G
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