­ Sarah Aleshire

Assistant Professor, English

Office: 142 West Hartnett Hall
Email: sarah.aleshire@minotstateu.edu
Phone: 858-3395

BA: Minot State University
MA: Washington State University

Courses Taught
English 110/111H – College Composition I
English 120/121H – College Composition II
English 220 – Introduction to Literature
English 238 – Children’s Literature
English 270 – Introduction to Literary Criticism
English 342 – Gendered Literature
English 350 – Literature of the Last 20 Years
English 367 – Media Literacy
English 435 – Major Writers (John Irving)
Gender Studies 225 – Introduction to Gender/Women’s Studies
Honors 395H – Citizenship and Service
Honors 450H – Project and Portfolio Design
INT 110 – First Year Seminar (Subcultures, ND Place)
SCE 102 – Environment and Humanities

Sarah Aleshire has been teaching in the English department since 2007, and she serves as the coordinator for the Gender/Women’s Studies Program. She completed her graduate work in Washington state, but she always wanted to return to Minot and the community she cares about. When she was growing up, her family emphasized a strong sense of place and the importance of involvement in and service to that place. Teaching runs in her family, especially in the humanities. The theater on campus is named after her paternal grandfather, and her dad’s side of the family is littered with English, theater, speech, and music teachers. Her mom’s side of the family tree is built on generations of North Dakotan farmers. Both sides inform her pedagogy and views of education: a mix of creativity, hard work, and discipline.

Though she focuses on literary and cultural theories, she is, at heart, a research writer, and she enjoys working with writers at the start of their college education. While her approaches and methods to writing and the teaching of writing change over time, her pedagogy remains grounded in the critical consideration of the everyday. She considers herself a literary Marxist and a feminist, but she works with a wide array of literary theories, genres, and time periods in order to make connections between texts and across those lines. Her most recent work has dealt with visual and popular culture, punk, and geographical and architectural texts.

Outside of her teaching and writing, Sarah is also working with clubs and groups across campus to promote diversity and raise awareness of social justice, serving as advisor of both the English Club/Sigma Tau Delta and Prism: LGBTQ+ and Allies.  She also continues her work organizing WordStock, the English component of MSU NOTSTOCK, Minot State’s signature arts event.