English 491 Capstone Student Presentations Fall 2020

Each year, our English 491 capstone Senior Seminar students present their scholarly papers in a conference format to peers and faculty.  

This year, our graduating English majors present on their research at the  English 491 Capstone Conference, “Covid Quorum: Six Anxious Seniors.” Organized by Professor Cathryn Halverson, the event was held November 4, 2020 at the Student Center.  After their talks students fielded questions from audience members, both in the room and on zoom. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!



Professor Halverson with student presenters. From left to right: Halverson, Rhaspede Logan, Charli-Paige Arceo, Brianna Thomas, Leah Olson, Emily Steenstrup. Not shown: Aaron Ostlund.

Note: Aaron Ostlund, Milton’s Satanic Eve waspresented by proxy



 Leah Olson, Science Fiction as a Disciple of Religion: From Nathaniel Hawthorne to Ray Bradbury







Charli-Paige Arceo, The Unexamined Diaspora: Changes in Language Among Guam Migrants to the Higher 48




 Rhaspede Logan, Challenging Masculinity in Contemporary Comics 



Brianna Thomas, Wider Ranges for Everybody: Body Representation in Young Adult Literature




Emily Steenstrup, Exploring the Void: Literary Representation of Great Plains Spaces