The Study of English
The English major at Minot State University promotes the development of rational and creative abilities through the study of literary texts of various media.

The program will have succeeded with those students who become independent scholars realizing the full range of their abilities, the multidisciplinary and global natures of their study, the varied interpretive strategies for reading and writing, and the ethical dimensions of their work.

Vision Statement
The English Department envisions majors who become increasingly independent learners across the four years of their undergraduate education.

We envision students who gain confidence in themselves and with that confidence express their ideas clearly and boldly; who are tolerant of others and comfortable with contradictions, complexity, and ambiguity; who are seekers and creators.

We envision majors who grow in understanding of their own discipline within the broader context of liberal studies and of global cultures.

Ultimately, we envision majors who are empowered by their education to interact effectively and usefully in their society.

Mission Statement
The English major will gain foundational knowledge, use that knowledge with a sense of professionalism and to move toward creative problem solving, and carry that knowledge and problem-solving abilities with them into their careers.

Department Goals
In keeping with our mission, our goals are to:

  • Develop increasing sophistication with reading, writing, speaking, and problem solving
  • Develop a growing confidence with contradictions, complexities, and ambiguities
  • Develop an increasing knowledge and understanding of historical, theoretical, and cultural contexts
  • Develop the ability to research carefully and thoughtfully
  • Develop an understanding of the concepts, contexts, and practices of the discipline / profession

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