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  Minot State / Career Services / Overview of a Resume
Career Services

Overview of a Resume

To secure an interview by conveying information which will stimulate employer interest

A resume should be a nice accompaniment to the cover letter. The resume also serves as a calling card and reference resource for the employer, and well as making the process of setting an interview much easier.

A resume should include your educational background, training, and course highlights. Do not forget to include related work experience together with: volunteer work, honors, activities, and awards. Also
mention in your resume that references will be available upon request to
the employer.


  • Collect and organize material
  • Select categories
  • Write rough draft
  • Evaluate and revise
  • Get second opinion
  • Draft final copy

A resume should have an attractive layout with ample margins and suitable spacing. The resume should be free of grammatical and typographical errors

A resume should be typed with professional fonts (such as Times New Roman and Arial) and printed on quality paper.