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Career Services

20 questions you could ask

  • If hired, would I be filling a newly created job, or replacing someone?
  • When was my predecessor promoted?
  • Would you describe a typical work day and the things I'd be doing?
  • What duties are most important for this job? Least important?
  • How would I be trained or introduced to the job?
  • How is the job important to the company - how does it contribute?
  • What are the department's goals for the year?
  • Who are the other people I'd be working with and what do they do?
  • Can someone in this job be promoted? If so, to what position?
  • How will I get feedback on my job performance?
  • If hired, would I report directly to you, or to someone else?
  • Has the company had a layoff in the last three years? How long was the layoff? Was everyone recalled?
  • Is this company owned by another corporation?
  • What major market does this company compete in?
  • Are sales up or down over last year?
  • If you were to offer me this job, where could I expect to be five years from today?
  • How would you describe your most successful employee?
  • Do you think I'll find this job to be challenging and stimulating?
  • Could you give me a tour? I'd enjoy seeing where your people work.
  • What could I say or do to convince you to offer me the job?