Physical Education/Corporate Fitness

Activity Specialist
Athletic Manager, College
Athletic Trainer
Bowling Lanes Manager
Camp Director
- Special Purpose Camps
- Summer
- Winter
Coach (various sports K-12)
Corporate Fitness
Dance Radio Instructor/Director
Day Care Center Director/
Supervisor of Physical Education
Exercise Testing Technician
Exercise Specialist
Fitness Coordinator for Senior Citizens
- Campus Counselor
- Fitness Leader
- Geriatrics Recreation
- Director
- Industrial Recreation
- Professional Sports
- Recreation Supervisor
Golf Course Manager
Guidance Counselor
Head Start Program
Health Spa or Club Director
Institutional Recreation
- Adult Day Care
- Children's Homes
- Churches
- Homes for the Aging
- Homes for the Delinquent
- Military Base Schools
- Retirement Community
- Senior Centers
- VISTA/Peace Corps
Life Guard
Military Special Service Officer
Occupational Safety and Health
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Education Teacher of the
Post Graduate Opportunities
- Boys Clubs and Girls Club
- Campfire Girls
- Voluntary Youth Organizations
- Youth Service Work
Recreation Worker/Director
Red Cross Swimming Instructor
Resort Recreation Specialist
School Administrator
Scuba Diver
Sporting Goods Salesman
Sports Broadcaster
Sports Information Director
Sports Leaders in Religious
Sports Official
Sports Writer
YMCA Director

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