Computer Science

Applications Programmer
Applied Science Technologist
Artificial Intelligence Developer
Business Applications Programmer
Chemical Technician
College Professor
Computer-aided Design
Computer Applications Engineer
Computer Assembler
Computer Auditor
Computer Consultant
Computer Engineer
Computer Facilities Manager
Computer Inspector
Computer Installation and Test Specialist
Computer Operations Manager
Computer Marketing
Computer Programmer
Computer Peripheral Operator
Computer Sales and Service Technician
Computer Scientist
Computer Scientist
Computer Security Analyst
Computer Teacher
Corporate Security Specialist
Customer Engineer
Data Base Administrator
Data Base Analyst
Data Base Librarian
Data Base Manager
Data Base Specialist
Data Center Operations Manager
Data Communication Analyst
Data Control Administrator
Data Processing Manager
Documentation Specialist
Electronic Data Processing Operator
Engineering Lab Technician
Engineering Programmer
Field Engineer
Hardware Service Person
High School Teacher
Information Specialist
Information Systems Programmer
Inventory Control Specialist
Magnetic Media Librarian
Maintenance Programmer
Management Consultant
Media Center Manager
Media Conversation Specialist
Microcomputer Support Specialist
Network Control Operator
Network Programmer
Operations Manager
Operations/Systems Researcher
Procedures Analyst
Process Control Programmer
Production Control Supervisor
Program Librarian
Quality Assurance Analyst
Records Librarian
Research Analyst
Robotics Technician
Scientific Programmer
Service Technician
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Software Package Developer
Software Service Representative
Software Support Specialist
Systems Analyst
Systems Consultant
Systems Designer
Systems Engineer
Systems Maintenance
Systems Manager
Systems Programmer
Technical Support Representative
Technical Writer
Telecommunication Specialist
User Support Analyst

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