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Student Government Activity and University Fee Review Process Description
The Minot State University Student Fee Committee is the institutional committee charged with overseeing the approval, allocation and distribution of student government activity and university fees described in SBHE Policy 805.2. Committee membership is comprised of the VP for Student Affairs, VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Administration and Finance, Athletic Director, and four students who are appointed by the Student Government Association.

Even though university fees are determined by the university president, requests are submitted to the Student Fee Committee and go through the same annual process as student government activity fee requests. This ensures that students are given a chance to ask questions and provide input.

  • By the first business day of November a memo from the Vice President for Student Affairs and the President of the Student Government Association is sent to all campus faculty and staff through campus announcements advising them that requests for fee changes can be submitted and what the deadline is for submission. This same notice is sent to all students through campus e-mail. This notice includes current fee information, as well as the forms to be used for requesting a fee change (new fee, or fee increase/decrease) and is posted again periodically until the deadline which will be the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.
  • Once the deadline has passed, copies of all requests are provided to committee members for review prior to meeting. This gives student representatives on the committee time to field input from other students.
  • Committee meetings are scheduled during the last week of Nov. – mid Dec. so that students are included in discussions prior to the holiday break. All areas that have requested a fee change are asked to attend those meetings to explain the purpose of their request and to answer any questions the committee might have. In the case of requests for program or course fees, students involved in those programs/courses are invited to provide input. After hearing from all of the requesting areas, the committee discusses and votes on each request to formulate their recommendations for the Student Government Association.
  • Student Fee Committee recommendations are presented to the Student Government Association at their January meeting. SGA votes to approve or reject the recommendations.
  • SGA President notifies campus president of their recommendation.
  • MSU President provides final campus approval. Final fee changes are forwarded to the MSU Business Office for submission to the North Dakota University System for approval by the State Board of Higher Education and/or the chancellor as per applicable board policy and state law.
  • When the process is complete, all areas that have requested a fee change are notified of the results. Results are also published in the student newspaper, the Red & Green.