Academic Plan Development

The BIS Academic Plan is the form used to apply for the BIS program. In the form, students provide a description of the program of study that they have developed, the background research done to help develop the plan, and a rationale for the plan—how it meets career goals in a way that existing academic programs cannot. Students must also provide the details of their plan, namely the specific courses that are part of their plan. To the extent possible, students also provide a term-by-term plan for the courses that remain to be taken.

The Academic Plan is formally developed and submitted as part of IDS 240 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. However, students can certainly begin work on the form prior to enrolling in IDS 240. It is recommended that students do much of the necessary research, and develop the rationale for the program they want to put together prior to IDS 240. As part of research for the plan, it is a good idea to talk with faculty members from the disciplines that will be combined; this can help students identify the best courses to include in their plan, and also identify potential advisors.

A Guide to Academic Plan Development and related forms are found on the BIS Forms page.