Greg Vettel


Office: NW Arts Center
Phone: 701-858-3415

Courses taught:

ART 112 Print, Web & Social Media Graphics

ART 207 Digital Tools: Imaging & Print

ART 422 Advanced Digital Design


Bio: Greg Vettel serves as the Director of the Northwest Arts Center and as an Adjunct Professor of Art at Minot State University. With 12 years professional experience in creative and production graphic design, he employs his background in visual communication, multi-media, and technology as the digital tools instructor and technology coordinator for the Art Department, and, starting in 2018, as the Director of the Northwest Arts Center. At the Arts Center, Vettel is responsible for the management of the Walter Piehl Gallery and Minot State University’s Permanent Art and Native American Collections.


In his artwork, Vettel explores themes of technology, science (fiction and non), horror and pop culture while combining imagery and typography in printmaking, sculpture and digital mediums.