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Student Health Center Immunization Compliance Form [pdf]

Immunization Requirements:
North Dakota State Board of Higher Education requires verification of two (2) measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) immunizations or immune titers for ALL students born after 12/31/56.

Effective fall 2017, newly admitted students ages 21 and under attending classes on MSU campus must provide documentation of immunity against meningococcal disease with evidence of at least one dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine after age 16.

Official documentation must be submitted to the Student Health Center. SOURCES of immunization records may be obtained from your physician, public health clinic, high school, college, or military records.

If you have had a MMR titer, we will need the official documentation of the three titers and the results of the Lab work.

If you do not have documentation of immunity to any or all of these diseases, you will be required to have either a blood test to measure your immunity (called a titer), and/or have the immunizations. You can be immunized at your local public health or private health care provider. These vaccines can be obtained at the Student Health Center and the cost charged to your student account at the business office.

A hold will be placed on the registration process of non-compliant students attempting to register for their next term at MSU.

According to the NDUS policy, students enrolled only in distance learning courses, courses taught off campus, continuing education or noncredit courses, and students in attendance at camps, workshops or programs and classes delivered under contract to a third party are exempt from this policy. Campuses shall grant additional exemptions upon application to and approval by the authorized institution official, under established campus procedures, when: (a) immunization is contraindicated by illness, pregnancy, allergies, or other medical condition certified by a licensed physician; (b) the student has had one immunization and agrees to have a second one no less than one month later; or (c) the student’s beliefs preclude participation in an immunization program.

All incoming students are requested to complete the TB screening documentation form and forward to the Student Health Center prior to registration.

Registration Holds:
The University can disallow you to register for the next term’s classes for a variety of reasons -e.g., failure to pay fees or to comply with a University requirement. The process of disallowing you to register for classes is called "a hold." The specific department responsible for monitoring compliance with the policies it enforces determines whether a hold is appropriate. A student may therefore have holds placed by multiple departments if he/she is non-compliant in more than one area. Fortunately, holds can be removed quickly once you have documented that you are in compliance.

The SHC is responsible for monitoring student compliance with health policies. If you fail to provide SHC with documentation of required immunizations before the designated pre-registration period for next term’s classes, the SHC will enter a code into the People Soft System that will prevent you from registering. The computer will inform you that you have a hold placed by the SHC. Should this happen to you, call the Student Health Center at 858-3371, or come directly to the SHC to find out why we have placed the hold and what you must do to have it removed.

Please call the Student Health Center at 701-858-3371 with any immunization questions or concerns.