Master of Education Committee

The M.Ed. committee was created in the fall of 2003 and approved by the Graduate Council at Minot State University. The purpose of the committee is to set policies and procedures for the M.Ed. degree in core and concentration areas and to facilitate the assessment of that degree program. The committee makes decisions about scheduling, committee formation, program exit requirements, admission and assessment. All decisions requiring additional approvals as determined by university policy are passed on to the Program and Policies Committee, TEAC and then to Graduate Council and Faculty Senate if needed.

M.Ed. committee list:
Program Director & Chair Dr. Deb Jensen 701-858-3043
Art Education Concentration Dr. Micah Bloom 701-858-3107
Business Education Concentration Dr. Lori Willoughby 701-858-3314
Cognitive Science Concentration Dr. Deb Jensen 701-858-3043
Elementary Education Conc. Dr. Lisa Borden-King 701-858-3158
Elem./Middle School Mathematics Dr. Cheryl Nilsen 701-858-3106
English Concentration / NPWP Dr. Ron Fischer 701-858-3174
Gifted Education Concentration Dr. Clarine Sandstrom 701-858-3153
Kinesiology Concentration Dr. Dave Rochholz 701-858-3277
Kindergarten Concentration Dr. Clarine Sandstrom 701-858-3153
Middle School Concentration Dr. Clarine Sandstrom 701-858-3153
Reading Concentration Dr. Lisa Borden-King 701-858-3158
Science Concentration Dr. Robert Crackel 701-858-3852
Special Education Concentration Dr. Alan Ekblad 701-858-3045