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Science Education


The Science Education Laboratory at Minot State University provides a model facility in which as many as 32 preservice K-12 teacher candidates can study, prepare, and exchange inquiry-based science lesson materials and hands-on science experiments in a cooperative learning format. Ideally associated with the research-active Division of Science, this facility provides science education students with continuous access to supplies and equipment as well as to the support of on-site expertise in all fields of science.

Programs in elementary, middle, and secondary level science teaching methodology also are linked to the curricula and facilities of numerous surrounding schools through a series of teaching practica, local science fairs and olympiads, and other events leading to the final step of student teaching. Cooperating facilities include three senior high schools, two middle schools, and 12 elementary schools within Minot itself, plus a number of nearby rural K-12 district facilities, including middle and elementary level schools at Minot Air Force Base, 15 minutes north of the city, and numerous school districts within a 30-mile radius of the campus. The aim of all Minot State University science education programs is to provide a broad range of practical experiences in both rural and urban settings across the full range of these facilities from a home base in the Cyril Moore Science Center.