Disposal of Records

All records produced in the daily course of business at Minot State are subject to state and federal laws/regulations, including retention and disposal.

Records Disposal Form

The Disposal Process

Information about the annual records disposal will be communicated to the Minot State community through this website and other electronic announcements.

Records disposal is the responsibility of all Minot State faculty, staff, and students who manage records.

Minot State forms from the campus community are compiled by Minot State's Records Management leadership, who then submit a cumulative university disposal report to the ND Information Technology Department. 

Records Disposal Steps

  1. To record the disposal data of each record series, use the Records Disposal Form.
  2. Login using your standard Minot State credentials.
  3. Enter your email address, phone number, and department.
  4. Enter the Record Control Number in the next box. 
  5. Then enter the Record Control Title.
  6. Enter the volume of the records being disposed of in the next field(s). Please note that you will need to indicate the volume in either inches or Megabytes.
  7. If you check the box next to "Send me an email receipt of my responses", you will receive a system-generated email confirming the recording of your disposal data. You can keep these emails for reference if you wish; they are considered convenience copies, not records – the official records are what you submitted, and ND ITD is the Office of Record Retention. If you want to also keep additional details on the disposal you recorded for a particular record series, you can forward the corresponding email to yourself adding those details to the body of the email; if you do so, the result is a record, and you are the Office of Record Retention.


Please direct questions to Rebecca Ringham at rebecca.ringham@minotstateu.edu