Addiction Studies

Addiction occurs when an individual abuses alcohol, illegal street drugs, or prescribed medication over a period of time, resulting in an impairment in their personal and social functioning. Drug problems in the U. S. have created a national debate on how to curb the problem. Over 13 million adults are addicted to alcohol alone. The impact of addiction not only affects the addict but also family, friends, employers, and our social systems.

The addiction counseling profession is at the front line in preventing and treating addiction disorders. The profession has moved forward significantly over the past 25 years in its techniques, research, and professional standards. The addiction counselor today works closely with psychologists, psychiatrists and the legal system. Work settings include inpatient hospital facilities as well as outpatient mental health units. Along with the applied side of addiction studies, research opportunities and careers also exist pertaining to understanding the dynamics of addiction, the impact drug abuse has on our society, and the biological effects of drugs.

Minot State’s Addiction Studies program began training addiction counselors in 1987. Since that time the curriculum has evolved to meet the ever increasing demands placed upon the addiction counselor. Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and will with the completion of the 9 month practicum be eligible to take the examination to qualify as a Licensed Addiction Counselor. The program emphasizes understanding the physiological effects of drug use, the dynamics of addiction, and takes an eclectic approach to addiction counseling, with a heavy emphasis on practical experience. Opportunities to assist and conduct research concerning addiction are also available.

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In order to be licensed within the state of North Dakota, the student must have 960 hours of internship with one of the states seven consortiums. This internship can be undertaken during the student’s matriculation at Minot State.

The addiction studies program at Minot State University works closely with the Northwest consortium and the Confluence consortium to assure a high quality internship experience. This internship enables the student to gain valuable hands-on experience in a residential treatment center for adolescents, an inpatient hospital setting, and at an outpatient mental health setting. Supervision of this internship is provided by licensed clinical supervisors

Career Opportunities
The demand for addiction counselors is high both in the state of North Dakota and in other states. This demand is expected to continue to grow the next decade. Research pertaining to drug and alcohol use also provide career opportunities.

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