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  Minot State / Office of the President / President's Staff
Office of the President

President's Staff

Mission: To deliberate on current and future issues with the intention of ensuring the university’s vitality and competitiveness.

Meetings: Every week on Tuesday; 8:30-11:45; and as needed to address specific issues

Membership: Administrators reporting directly to the president; chaired by president

Processes: no minutes; informal agenda solicited from members; order of dialogue is determined by topics and issues raised by individual members; consensus sought; future oriented; presentation of new ideas, creative solutions to problems, and opportunities; share articles and research on current developments and new ideas.

Principles: open and honest deliberation; non-judgmental; strict confidentiality; creative; professional; trust and mutual support; decisions are supported and explained externally


  1. Participate in dialogue about current issues and topics; examine, debate, present multiple perspectives, test ideas and opinions; seek common understanding of similar and differing opinions.
  2. Discussion of external issues and developments affecting MSU and higher education
  3. Present informational updates on key topics affecting MSU
  4. Review events in the weekly calendar; review longer-term schedule for key events and deadlines requiring attention and action.
  5. Deliberates on and eventually makes recommendations to the president requiring decisions on major initiatives, proposals, changes, and specific controversies/issues impacting entire campus (e.g., budget, fees, tuition).
  6. Receives and reviews institutional budget information at least once per month.
  7. Makes decisions following appropriate constituency input, review of institutional data, and deliberation; Plan constituency communication and broader-campus input and discussion
  8. Remains attentive to and focused on strategic planning goals, objectives, and timelines.
  9. Receives recommendations from Budgeting and Planning Council