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  Minot State / Facilities / Snow Removal Policy
Facilities Management

Snow Removal Policy

In an effort to insure the safety of all motorists and pedestrians at Minot State University, the following policy will be used during adverse weather conditions. The Director of Facilities Management will determine the assignment of personnel and equipment to adhere to this policy as best as possible. This policy will determine the response time for ground maintenance staff according to the accumulation of snow:

  1. 2 inches of snow and iced-over conditions ground maintenance staff will report at 6:00 am.
  2. 4 inches of snow either fallen or forecasted will require ground maintenance staff to report at 4:00 am.

The custodian assigned to each building will be responsible for the entrances, stairs, and fire exits; this is to include handicap accessibility. Student workers may assist as necessary.

Snow removal priority listing (starting with highest to lowest)

  1. All Handicap parking spaces, curb, and building entrances
  2. Fire lanes.
  3. Primary sidewalks from Resident's halls to the Student Union.
  4. Lots A, C, E, G, I, K, L, unreserved area east of Student Union.
  5. Food Service area that is north of the Student Union
  6. Unreserved lots Near GBO library, Model Hall, along 11th Ave.
  7. Recheck of areas in numbers 1, 2, and 3 above.
  8. Secondary and outer perimeter walkways.
  9. Lots B, D, F, H, and M.

When snow has an accumulated depth of 6 inches or more residence hall students will be required to move their vehicles overnight to aid in the clearing of residence hall parking lots.

Some dos and don'ts during adverse weather conditions: (items 1, 2, and 3 are for clearing crews and 4, 5, and 6 pertain to all of us)

  1. Do not block fire hydrants.
  2. Do not obstruct visibility by piling snow in parking/driving areas.
  3. Do not pile snow on ornamental trees and shrubs.
  4. Be aware of snow removal equipment, they are equipped with an amber flashing light. Be sure to keep a safe distance away.
  5. Watch where you are walking, taking extra precaution on sidewalks and stairs.
  6. Slow down and give full attention to driving. Do not use cell phones.

Please remember that your safety is our top concern. Please report any problem areas to Facilities Management at 6-3210.