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  Minot State / Facilities / Returning a vehicle
Facilities Management

Returning a vehicle

1. You will need to refuel your vehicle before you return it to Minot State University. You will need to fill the vehicle with gas with the Voyager credit card that is provided in the brown pouch in each of the vehicles. You are also able to fill the vehicle with gas at the DOT office at 1305 Hwy 2 Bypass East in Minot. If the credit card does not work, please call the number on the back of the credit card to have them unlock the card or assist you with getting it to work.

2. You will need to record the mileage on the dispatch form and return it to Facilities. You may do this by filling out the dispatch reservation form, putting the key and the paper in the bag and dropping it in the white drop box in front of the Car shop building at Facilities.

3. The user is also responsible for taking out personal refuse and vacuuming the vehicle or bus. The vacuum is located to the east of the Car shop.

4. If you need to be reimbursed for personal funds used for fuel or repairs of a State Fleet Vehicle, please fill out the personal fund reimbursement form [pdf]. This will need to be turned into Facilities within two weeks of purchase. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE YOUR MSU PURCHASING CARD FOR ANY MOTOR POOL PURCHASES.