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Facilities Management

Making a reservation

Under procedures set by the North Dakota Risk Management and North Dakota University System, all travel using state fleet vehicles must be approved prior to reserving a vehicle. Please follow the steps below to ensure a vehicle is available for your use.

1. Complete the Minot State University Vehicle Request Form in its entirety and have it signed by a "competent authority". People that are authorized to sign are listed on the form. Administrative Assistants are no longer allowed to sign for these authorities. We also do not allow signature stamps to be used in place of original signatures. You are unable to sign for yourself if you are getting a car. You will need to have your supervisor sign off on the motor pool request. This form is available online. (Vehicle request form [pdf]) Vehicles will not be reserved without a completed and approved Minot State University vehicle request form. We will not be accepting any requests without the signature from the competent authority. For example, an office sends over an email request for a car with no signatures, we cannot reserve a vehicle until we get the signed request.

2. Return the form to MSU Facilities Management in a timely manner; one week in advance of travel is the minimum preferred time frame. The original completed forms must be sent to Minot State University Facilities Management for approval. If the request is received any later than a week advance, there is a chance that you will not have a vehicle available for you.

3. Confirmation of the reservation or a denial of service will be provided for all requests. If you do not receive a confirmation email, do not assume a vehicle will be ready for you. Verification of your travel plans are welcome and encouraged by you.

4. When there is a question as to whether a vehicle request can be authorized under this procedure, it will be forwarded to the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management for evaluation and possible approval.

5. A one-time set-up is required for all state motor pool users. The information required will be the employee's name, employee ID number, department number, driver's license expiration date, work phone number and email address.

6. If you do not follow through with the dates that you reserved a State Fleet vehicle and you have the vehicle for an extended time, your reservation may be cancelled or forfeited. It is very important to call us on the date you have the vehicle originally scheduled or before to notify us of any changes in your vehicle reservation.

7. When in town, state vehicles need to be parked in the designated Facilities Management lot unless approved in advance.

8. All users of state vehicles need to have current training in Defensive Driving. These classes are set up by Facilities and will be offered on the Minot State University campus.