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Parking Office


This information is presented as a guideline for the operation of vehicles by students and employees on the campus of Minot State University (MSU). The term “vehicle” includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, and any other powered vehicle which operates on land.

The Parking Office is located in the Student Center mall area, near the main entrance.

Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday 
Phone: 701-858-3318
Map: Parking Map [pdf]
Portal:  Online Parking Portal

Permits for the upcoming academic year go on sale July 10, 2024.
Click the Parking Portal Link below;
   Login to purchase your permit!


Parking Permit Fees
Student Permits:    annual permit $65 or $40 each semester
Employee Permits: annual permit $65 or $40 each semester

  1. Permit sales for the academic year and fall semester start mid-July. Spring semester permit sales start mid-December. Student permits are sold online. Employees are encouraged to purchase a permit online or may purchase over-the-counter. Permits are obtained from the Parking Office.
  2. An ID card is required at the time of permit pick up signifying student or employment status. MSU ID is preferred. 
  3. Refunds may only be given within 30-days of purchase. The permit must be returned to the Parking Office to process a refund.
  4. Permits are not transferable.
  5. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space.  
  6. Permits must be returned to the MSU Parking Office if there is termination of association with the University.
  7. The permit holder is the person whose name the parking permit is issued. The permit holder or the person who owns or operates a vehicle will be held responsible for any violation involving that vehicle. This regulation applies to a spouse, friend, or relative of the person registering or owning the vehicle.


  1. The permit holder is responsible for registering their vehicle with the MSU Parking Office.
  2. All vehicles must be registered by the permit holder with the MSU Parking Office before parking on campus. 
  3. Vehicles are registered by license plate at the time a permit is purchased, or use the portal throughout the year.
  4. To register a vehicle or make changes to the vehicles you park on campus, use the following link, or inform the Parking Office. ext.aspx
  5. Permit holders are responsible for notifying the MSU Parking Office if you no longer operate a vehicle on campus which was previously registered in your name.


  1. Permits must be displayed 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. 
  2. Permits are to be displayed on the back of the inside rearview mirror so the permit number faces toward the windshield. 
  3. Everyone operating a vehicle on campus must display a current permit.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student or employee to obtain and properly display the assigned permit. 
  5. Failure to display a permit or the improper display of a permit can result in a citation. 
  6. Notify the MSU Parking Office immediately when a permit is lost or stolen.
  7. Handicap spaces require a state-issued placard or license plate to be displayed. Proper display of the state-issued placard or plate allows for parking in any space or lot on campus except Clinic Parking. Handicap parking is strictly enforced as per ND state law.  


  1. Please refer to the parking map for lot designations and locations.
  2. Parking enforcement and regulations apply on academic instruction days or when signs/barricades are posted.
  3. Bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles are allowed to park in designated cycle spaces without purchasing a permit as long as they do not use a parking space designated for a car or truck, or park blocking any sidewalks. 
  4. Non-motorized vehicles cannot be stored on campus (boats, campers, trailers, etc.).
  5. The University will not assume responsibility for the protection and/or care of any vehicle or its contents. Theft or vandalism should be reported immediately to Campus Security at 701-500-2423.
  6. Students or employees with a medical condition may obtain a temporary permit with official documentation from their practitioner. The medical excuse must specify the time period it is needed.  
  7. Guests using Clinic Parking must display a Clinic Parking permit. 
  8. Handicap parking is strictly enforced as per ND state law.


  1. Students are issued red permits. Students may park in any lot designated as student parking with red “S” signs with their red permit displayed properly.
  2. S/E lots (orange on the map) are designated as student or employee parking. A current permit must be displayed properly to utilize these lots.


  1. Employees are issued green permits. Employees may park in any lot designated as employee parking with green “E” signs with their green permit displayed properly.
  2. S/E lots (orange on the map) are designated as employee or student parking. A current permit must be displayed properly to utilize these lots. 


  1. Visitor parking permits are available from the MSU Parking Office located on the first floor in the Student Center. Visitor permits are valid for one day, and are valid for any S or E lot and Visitor spaces.
  2. An electronic visitor permit may be obtained for special guests or events on campus. The sponsoring department or employee must request the e-permit from the MSU Parking Office.
  3. A reserved lot may be used for MSU guests during special events. Lot closure requests must be made by MSU employees. Reservations are taken in advance of the event; generally no more than four weeks prior to the event. The MSU Parking Office will publish notice of known upcoming events in campus announcements to let people know of the event and where to relocate for parking.  


  1. MSU will impound vehicles under the following circumstances:
    1. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, loading zones, or in a manner/location that negatively impacts MSU Operations
      1. First and second violation:  $50.00 parking fine
      2. Third violation:  $50.00 parking fine and tow at owner’s expense
    2. Vehicles abandoned for 30 days or more
    3. Vehicles in inoperable condition
    4. Vehicles with an excessive unpaid fine balance
  2. Vehicles with any of the above circumstances are subject to impound by a local towing company. The vehicle owner/operator is responsible for all impound fees, and all communication, financial obligations and arrangements with the towing/impound company.
  3. A $35.00 citation will be issued to the registered owner if a vehicle is impounded.
  4. Contact Campus Security at 701-500-2423 if your vehicle is towed.


  1. A $15 fine will be imposed for each violation.
  2. A $50 fine will be imposed for each fire lane, loading zone, or any violation listed in section H.1.
  3. A $100 fine will be imposed for each handicap parking violation.
  4. All unpaid fines will result in the withholding of the student’s records until such penalties are paid with the Business Office.
  5. Continued violations of parking regulations may subject that vehicle to impoundment at the owner’s expense.


  1. Citations may be appealed.
  2. Appeals must be filed with the MSU Parking Office within 30 calendar days of citation issuance. Delinquent citations will not be accepted for appeal. 
  3. Appeals must be filed using an appeal form.
    1. Forms can be obtained from the MSU Parking Office; or,
    2. Appeals may be filed electronically using the online form.
  4. Appeal decisions will be based on current regulations.
  5. Appeals are reviewed once every month throughout the academic year.