How to Read Online

While taking online courses, you will be challenged to read articles, books, case studies, lecture notes, etc. You will also have to read numerous pages online the Internet. Your task is to find the right time and place to read your materials. A quiet environment where you can concentrate and take good notes is essential to your success.

When reading online:

  • You should choose a well-lit area where your screen will not have a reflection
  • Spending hours on a screen can be exhausting physically and mentally, so work in smaller "chunks of information"
  • Remember, the information is not necessarily perishable like in the classroom. You can return to the same page after a short break
  • Keep your note taking material close by and in a comfortable position
  • Keep distractions to a minimum
  • Use the bread crumb bar and Table of Contents to page through your text
    Bread crumbs in a Blackboard page

    The Action Menu on a Blackboard page
  • Make sure your screen is maximized so your course fills the entire screen
  • When you don’t understand something, ask your fellow students, and when all else fails, ask the instructor