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The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)

Stipend Approval Guidelines for Online Course Redevelopment

Overview: Once a stipend has been paid for online course development it is the responsibility of the academic department to ensure that the course is kept current. Normally, there is no stipend paid when a course is revised or updated; however, special circumstances could warrant a redevelopment stipend.

Circumstances when an online course redevelopment stipend could be warranted:

    • Program goals change leading to a change in curriculum and course learning objectives.
    • The course has been offered for 5 or more years and it can be shown that major revisions are needed.
    • Textbook changes

Circumstances when an online course is not eligible for a redevelopment stipend:

    • Textbook edition changes
    • Change in instructors

Stipend Process: Anyone requesting a stipend for redevelopment must submit an Online Course Development Nomination Form. CEL decides if a course is eligible for redevelopment funding. If approved for a redevelopment stipend the course must pass a beta tested for best practices and the content must be approved by the department chair (or a department designee) before the stipend is released. Stipend amounts are listed as part of the Online Course Development Nomination Form.